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Rodent Control Melbourne

Rodent Removal Melbourne

Rats and mice have been around for centuries and guess what? They’ll be around for centuries more. In fact, they are found the world over, except of course in Antarctica! Not even rodents want to live in freezing conditions. For some reason our local conditions are conducive to rodent activity. That’s why we specialise in rodent removal throughout Melbourne. These fury critters literally freak people out. We’ve seen grown men shriek with terror and leap onto the nearest chair to get away from a tiny mouse. Read More

Rat Removal Melbourne


Rat Removal Melbourne

Rat removal in Melbourne is the specialty of the a Pest Control Empire . Rodents are a year-round problem although they are far more noticeable in the colder months. It’s during winter that rats and mice are far more inclined to venture indoors to avoid the rain and chill. Rats love the comfort of a safe and warm roof cavity. They are very cautious and fear humans so rarely if ever will they enter a part of the house occupied by us. Read More

Rat Removal Williamstown


Why are there so many rats and mice in Williamstown? If you’re a local resident of this coastal suburb in Melbourne’s west there’s no need to fear – there’s just as many rodents in every other suburb! In fact, these disease spreading vermin are located everywhere the world over – except in Antarctica. Where there’s people, there’s food. Where there’s food, there’s rats and mice. It really is that simple. Read More

Rat Elimination Melbourne

Rodent Extermination Melbourne

Rodents, including rats and mice, are a threat to Melbourne’s homes and businesses all year round. However, they tend to come to notice more so in the colder months of autumn and winter. That’s because like us, they feel the cold. We prefer sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold night and rats prefer sitting in the roof directly above the fireplace at the same time! Therefore, as the weather temperatures decrease rats and mice move indoors for warmth. We specialise in rodent extermination in all Melbourne suburbs. Read More

Pest Control Empire | Rodent Control Footscray


Rodent control in Footscray is the specialty of Pest Control Empire. The suburb is situated on the fringe of Melbourne CBD and is also home to the Footscray Market in Hopkins Street and the Melbourne Market in Footscray Road. Having so many food service and production businesses in such close proximity can only mean one thing: a large population of rats and mice. A comprehensive pest management strategy is vital for any food business operating in this area (and all other areas). The Department of Health is stringent in their enforcement of food safety standards and a current pest management plan is non-negotiable.  Read More

Rat Control Melbourne | Pest Control Empire


Tim from Pest Control Empire received a call to a Mitcham home, a suburb in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, as the tenant was complaining of noises in the walls and ceiling. It didn’t take long for Tim to realise that the home was infested with rats. To be blunt, the home was in poor condition. Spare tyres, a vehicle body and other general rubbish was scattered throughout the front and backyard. The garden was overgrown, the bins were overfilled and the gutters were clogged with debris. To make matters worse, there were more entry points into the home than you could poke a stick at. Read More

Rats in a huddle


Rodents, which includes rats and mice, are in plague proportions in Sunshine, a suburb in the heart of Melbourne’s western suburbs. Tim Clinnick of Pest Control Empire, says Sunshine, Footscray and Melton, all in Melbourne’s west, are rodent hot spots. Tim says, “While it has been a very busy season for rodents, the majority of call outs has been to homes and offices in Sunshine. This is closely followed by Footscray and Melton”. Read More

Rats in a huddle



Rodents, in particular – rats and mice – are on the increase in Melbourne. This is according to Tim Clinnick, the manager of the Pest Control Empire , who reports a dramatic increase in requests for rodent control. Tim notes, “Our business is responding to several enquiries daily about rodents, particularly rats. They are living in people’s roof spaces and their nocturnal antics are keeping owners awake at night”.  Read More