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    My Home Has Termites What Can I Do?

    So you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having termites in your existing home or structure. Rather than getting depressed, you must take a positive out of the situation. The positive is that the problem has been identified and now it can be eliminated.

    Wherever possible, initial treatments should be directed at eliminating the termite colony. When the nest can be located it must be removed or destroyed. It’s vital that the reproductives including the king and queen, are killed. Once the royal couple is destroyed the rest of the termite colony will follow suit.

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    However, it’s a nest will not always be found.

    Even if it can be located it will be difficult to fully remove. That’s because nests are most commonly located in soil underground, or in the root crown of a tree. When the nest can be located but not removed we’ll destroy it via the introduction of a chemical, known as a termiticide. This can be achieved in two ways:

    •  Application of a chemical dust or foam that must be adequately distributed throughout the colony, including the royal cell; or
    •  Application of a liquid that is also applied directly into the nest, including the royal cell.
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    A temperature probe must be used to locate the royal cell.

    The nest will be its warmest in the royal cell with the temperature likely to be around 35C. On most occasions the nest will not be located. In times like this, we have several options available. These include:

    • Application of a dust or foam into an active gallery;

    When the dust or foam is correctly applied it will adhere to the body of termites that pass through it. The substance will soon be returned to the nest where it will spread throughout the colony resulting in its destruction. Sufficient skill in the handling and placement of dust and foam is required for this method to be successful.

    Excessive disturbance to the gallery or an excessive amount of dust or foam will raise the alarm.

    The gallery will likely then be deactivated and a new path to timber destruction created. This type of activity must be left to a trained and experienced pest control professional.

    •  Installation of bait stations;

    Bait stations can be placed above ground where termites have been feeding, such as on a partially consumed floorboard. The foraging termites will enter the bait station and consume the toxic bait. The contaminated termites will return to the nest where the ‘transfer effect’ will occur. The termite colony will therefore be exposed to the deadly toxin and will soon be eliminated.

    If termites are not located within a home or structure but have been located close by, such as in a boundary fence or a neighbouring property, a liquid chemical application can be used to treat soil around the immediate perimeter and below houses and structures in order to afford them considerable protection from future entry.

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    This will involve digging trenches in soil and drilling into covered surfaces around the perimeter, such as concrete paths and driveways.

    A liquid termiticide is then sprayed into the trench, the soil is back filled and then re-sprayed. Where concrete paths are drilled, termiticide is then injected into the drill holes to provide a complete barrier under and around the home.

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    We offer effective termite treatment options that comply with Australian Standard 3660.2

    We are passionate about service and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your home. We believe that each home must be assessed on its merits and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for termite management. Often a combination of methods must be deployed for optimum effectiveness.

    To discuss termite control with a qualified technician simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as practicable.