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    Carpet Beetle Pest Control Melbourne

    Carpet beetle control is a little known pest control service. Carpet beetles are a pest that can cause considerable damage and even injury. About 3mm in length, the adult beetle feeds on pollen and nectar produced by flowers. The adult however poses no threat to property or persons. The problem is that the adult lays its eggs in woollen fabrics, carpets and furs. These products are found in abundance throughout our homes. These objects become the food source for the larvae and it can lead to extensive damage and injury.

    Carpet Beetle Control

    Carpet Beetle Larvae

    Slightly larger than the adult, the larvae have the appearance of a caterpillar with dense tufts of hair. When disturbed, the larvae can release tiny hairs into the atmosphere. If these hairs come into contact with us they have been known to cause intense itching and rash, as well as irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. This is known in medical circles as carpet beetle dermatitis.

    The adult is attracted to sunlight and can often be found on window ledges. Exclusion is the best way to prevent an infestation so check fly screens and security doors for damage and repair or replace where necessary.


    Larvae will often be found in dark, low foot traffic areas.

    If you suspect an infestation check the edges of carpets and under furniture and mattresses for their presence. If sighted you should thoroughly wash contaminated items such as linen and clothing in hot water. You should also vacuum items such as carpet and mattresses.

    Larvae can be difficult to control without the assistance of pesticides. If you require the use of chemicals be sure to engage the services of a professional pest management company.

    The exterior of the premises should be sprayed with an approved chemical to deter adult carpet beetles from entering the home. Particular attention should be paid to doorways and windows.

    A suitable pesticide powder should also be added to the roof cavity, subfloor or weep holes, depending on the style of home. These steps will assist in excluding the adult from your home. A chemical application will also be required indoors to control the current active infestation.

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    We are experienced in carpet beetle control and use only approved products that have been stringently tested and meet the required safety standards.

    We will inspect your home to identify the pest and the possible reasons for infestation. We will then work with you to manage the problem and develop ways to reduce the likelihood of issues in the future.

    To speak with a pest management professional simply contact 1300 665 573 or submit your details via our Contact Us form.