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    Bees Pest Control Melbourne

    Bees play a vital role in the pollination of flowers and production of sweet tasting honey. However, a swarm presents a clear danger to safety and requires swift bee control. The potential to be injured or worse increases dramatically when they decide to take up residence in our homes and work places.

    We offer fast, friendly and professional service when it comes to the control of bees. Stings have proven fatal so our response times are swift and our methods effective. Most people have been stung at least once in their lifetime. Here in Melbourne the swarming season is usually between September and December. However, bee colonies have been known to swarm at other times.

    Warm weather, combined with an increase in nectar and pollen stimulates population growth. A colony may become too large. If this happens it often divides and a new swarm heads off in search of a new home. A sheltered, darkened enclosure, which can include tree hollows, roof spaces, wall cavities and other locations around your home or office provide ideal harbourage for a breakaway swarm.

    Bees that nest in and around areas that we commonly frequent can be dangerous if disturbed or interfered with. These flying insects inject venom when they sting. The venom is poisonous and can cause considerable pain around the injection site.

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    Bees can cause serious injury and even death

    Serious medical problems and deaths have resulted following a bee sting. This is most common when a victim suffers an allergic reaction. Severe swelling and closing of airways are a symptom of an allergic reaction. Death in these circumstances is swift and usually occurs between one and four hours after a sting. If you or anyone you encounter is displaying symptoms of an allergic reaction please seek urgent medical assistance.

    Nests and the associated buzzing activity often attract the attention of curious children and mischievous adolescents. Without a proper understanding of the potential danger it’s common for younger people to approach a nest or swarm. Kids have been known to poke at a nest with sticks or throw rocks at them.

    Pets also have a habit of investigating a nest a little too closely

    This type of activity merely acts to antagonist these flying insects. In response, they release an alarm pheromone that warns others of imminent danger. Anyone close to the nest then becomes a target and open to attack.

    Children must be educated not to disturb a nest even if it appears vacant. Bees are most active between 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. so while a nest may appear deserted it’s highly unlikely that it is. If you know or suspect a nest is on your property you must contact a licensed pest control company to remove the problem.

    Don’t attempt to rid your home or office of a nest as it will likely end in disaster.

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    What to do if you find a bee nest:

    • Leave it alone;
    • Cordon off the area; &
    • Call a professional pest manager.

    Bee Control Options:

    Ideally the best course of action is to remove the nest or swarm. A swarm can usually be safely removed and relocated. However, a bee nest may be in a location where it cannot be removed. In instances like this the nest and it’s occupants must be destroyed. An example of where a nest will not be accessible may be in the hollow of a tree or in a wall cavity of a house.

    If you require bee control simply contact 1300 665 573 to speak with a highly trained member of our team. Alternatively, you can complete the Contact Us form and we will respond in the shortest possible time.