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    Bed Bug Pest Control Melbourne

    Bedbug control is an increasing service we offer in Melbourne. Bedbugs are small, oval shaped, brown coloured insects that survive on the blood of humans and animals. They tend to live in groups and can typically be found in mattresses, bed springs, bed frames, headboards and in the corners of carpet. An infestation is typically associated with low cost short stay accommodation facilities such as the many backpacker establishments in Melbourne CBD and St Kilda. However, numbers certainly seem to be on the rise and infestations have been found in 5 star hotels, aeroplanes, buses and movie cinemas.

    These insects actively search for food at night while we’re traditionally sleeping. Bedbugs are more than a nuisance in any private home. However, an outbreak is nothing short of a public relations nightmare for any commercial business offering accommodation services, including hotels, motels and hostels.

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    How to Eradicate Bedbugs

    These creatures are survivors and have built an immunity to many products previously used to control them. Complete eradication will always require chemical treatment. Treating any sleeping area with pesticides can be dangerous so it’s vitally important to use the right chemicals to avoid any health and safety issues. It’s safest and most effective to engage the services of an experienced pest control professional for this type of infestation. We’re licensed in the use of chemical treatments to eliminate unwanted guests and we only use products in a manner that is safe to humans and pets.

    Bedbugs pierce the skin and withdraw blood until they become fully engorged.  They will then crawl away, usually unnoticed. Bites will generally appear on any area of exposed skin and are painless at first but will develop into itchy welts. A lack of awareness means that bites are commonly attributed to mosquitoes. Because they are nocturnal, detection is often difficult.

    Bedbugs Live Where We Sleep

    Bedbug infestation warning signs include:

    • Waking up with fresh bites that have a pattern, such as a line, as opposed to the randomness associated with mosquitoes;
    • Blood stains on bedding, including sheets, pillow cases, doona covers, blankets and quilts;
    • Excrement, egg shells and shed skins in and around bedding; &
    • An offensive, musty odour.
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    Why are bedbugs on the rise in Melbourne?

    Reported cases of outbreaks have grown dramatically in recent years. In years gone by, pest managers had access to very potent pesticides that nearly wiped this insect out worldwide. However, these chemicals also posed a danger to humans and particularly to the pest managers who frequently used them. We now operate in a more risk averse environment, where the safest possible pesticide must be used. Bedbugs gradually fought back and there are even some strains that are pyrethroid resistant. These strains pose a very real challenge to the pest manager but we still have a few tricks up our sleeve!

    The spread of this menace in the new century coincides with an increase in world travel. Sydney experienced a surge in bedbug infestations following the 2000 Olympics with travellers coming from far and wide to see the world’s best athletes.

    Bedbug Bites Melbourne

    We’ve also found that the increase in infestations may correlate with the increase in sale of second hand products, which now commonly change hands via online auction sites.

    Second hand beds, mattresses, suitcases, furniture and clothing are all regular online sale items. Bedbugs or their eggs may be lurking within these items. Once sold, it may allow for the easy transportation of this pest problem from one location to the next. You may find yourself buying more than you bargained for when you make an online purchase of second hand products.

    To limit the opportunity for infestation, you should thoroughly inspect the condition of any products before bringing them into your property. If the item has a tear or a rip, this provides a perfect harbourage area. Discard any item that you find in this type of condition. You don’t want to potentially invite unwanted guests into your home or work place. The damage to the reputation of a business that’s suffered an outbreak can be catastrophic, as word can spread via social media as quickly as an infestation! You may find yourself without paying guests, which is bad for business – and your bottom line.

    What to do for effective bedbug control:

    While cleaning in and around infested areas will assist, the only way to become free of an infestation is to engage the services of a licensed pest control company. We’re experienced in this area of pest control. We’ll determine the extent of the problem, identify the most suitable eradication treatment and implement this strategy. We are familiar with the Code of Practice for the Control of Bed Bug Infestations in Australia and comply with its best practice recommendations. Don’t delay in making contact, as delay or failure to treat promptly and effectively may cause the infestation to spread, which will make control more difficult and expensive.

    If you’re an accommodation services provider, rest assured that discretion is our specialty. The protection of your brand and image is as important to us as it is to you. So for a fast, reliable and effective service simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll call you at the next available opportunity.