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    Some birds that have been introduced into Australia have earned a classification as a pest. Many compete with our native fauna for resources including space, food and nests. They’re also a major cause of disease, which is spread via their droppings. This is not to mention the untold nuisance they cause in and around our homes and offices, particularly outdoor dining areas, where we try to relax and enjoy a meal or a refreshment. We offer bird control options for the residential, commercial and industrial sector that is effective, reliable and affordable.

    Common pest birds encountered in and around Melbourne include the Indian Myna, Starling, Pigeon and seagull (although the seagull is native to Australia).

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    Pest birds are unwelcome because they:

    • Damage fruit, cereal and other horticultural crops;
    • Compete with and displace native species;
    • Destroy ecosystems;
    • Deface buildings, statues and other structures;
    • Scavenge for food in restaurants, cafes, shops and food storage areas; &
    • Spread disease and parasites.
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    What diseases do birds carry?

    Bird droppings are not only unsightly, they also carry any number of diseases that affect us directly, including:

    • Histoplasmosis – a fungus that causes respiratory disease.
    • Candidiasis – a yeast or fungus that affects the skin, mouth, respiratory system, intestines and the female genital area.
    • Cryptococcosis – a yeast infection that commences as a pulmonary disease and may also impact on the central nervous system.
    • Salmonellosis – this is most commonly referred to as salmonella, or food poisoning.
    • E.coli – the symptoms include severe abdominal cramp, diarrhoea and vomiting.
    • Bird Flu / Avian Influenza – this disease emerged in China in 2013 and resulted in the death of a third of all hospitalised patients.

    Droppings in and around air conditioning units pose a particular problem for both the residential and commercial sector.

    Once droppings turn to dust, the dust is easily transmitted in the air through the heating or cooling system. Health and safety ramifications are enormous. A clean, pest-free home or place of business is essential for healthy living.

    Even the most vigilant food service establishments have experienced food contamination caused by dry droppings that become airborne. Every food service business in Victoria must comply with food service laws outlined in the Food Act 1984. Failure to comply with these laws is a recipe for disaster. Illness attributable to a food service business can lead to prosecution and closure of the business.

    If you require bird control we have several options available. We’ll attend and assess your particular location to determine the extent of your problem. With your full consultation, we will tailor a solution that meets your individual needs.

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    Bird Control Options:

    • Avicides (poisoning);
    • Repellent gels;
    • Eliminate food supply;
    • Trapping;
    • Destruction and removal of nests and eggs;
    • Netting;
    • Plastic strip curtains;
    • Spikes; &
    • Electrical, sound and visual deterrents.

    We can also assist in the event that pest birds are living under your solar panels. Click this link to find out more about our solar panel bird proofing service.

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