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    Sign Of A Termite Infestation

    Termites are difficult to detect. The fact that they have entered your property may not come to your attention until after considerable structural damage has already been caused. The following list provides signs that would indicate your home is under attack from termites:

    Live termite sightings:

    If you detect live termites you should try to limit the disturbance caused to them as much as possible. Most disturbances, no matter how minor, can cause them to retreat back to the colony and abandon the use of the route in which they were detected. This can make it difficult for a professional pest control company to chemically bait the trailblazers and have them return the bait to the colony. Be assured that a disturbed colony will soon regroup and find an alternate way back into your property.

    Mud tubes:

    Termites are fragile creatures and require moisture to survive. If exposed to the elements, particularly heat, they desiccate (dry out) and die. For this reason, they build mud tubes through which to travel. The absence of mud tubes, however, does not necessarily indicate that these insects have not invaded your home. It may simply mean that they have obtained access via an alternate site, such as a crack or void in a foundation or through wood that has direct contact with soil.

    Termite Mud Tunnel | Termite Infestation

    Termites travel through mud tubes while foraging for food.

    Wood damage:

    Timber that sounds hollow or is easily penetrated has likely been eaten away by termites. Timber is consumed from the inside out, with only a thin layer of wood or sometimes only paint left to ensure concealment. Skirting boards are commonly attacked, with the first notification usually coming after a vacuum touches the vulnerable section, causing it to break open and expose the damage.

    If you suspect a termite infestation, you should carefully inspect the following locations for the above signs:

    • Basements, sub-floors and crawl spaces;
    • Under porches, decks, around all windowsills, support posts and fences;
    • Any locations where concrete attaches to a wooden structure, such as steps, porches and any new extensions;
    • Hollow blocks, cracks in cement or brick construction and expansion joints; &
    • Any scrap wood, wood retaining walls, trees and tree stumps.
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    Remember to limit the disruption to a minimum and immediately seek a professional pest inspection.

    We are experienced in the conduct of timber pest inspections that focus on termite detection. If you suspect a termite infestation, Contact us for more details.

    We also offer pre-purchase property inspections to vendors and potential buyers. Should a problem be confirmed we also offer fast, effective termite management strategies. This can include physical barriers, baits and chemical treatments. A combination of options is usually most effective.

    To speak with a licensed technician regarding termite control simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we will respond to your enquiry.