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Early Termite Detection

There’s an old saying, ‘There’s only two types of homes in Australia, those with termites, and those that will get them’. Therefore, it is essential that an integrated pest management approach is a part of your home protection plan. If you’ve recently had a timber pest inspection conducted by a trained professional, you will fall into one of the above two types of homes in Australia. If you’re unlucky and a colony has been detected, you need to act fast to limit the damage.

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Install a termite monitoring device to provide early termite detection. Protect your home now!

If you’re fortunate that a colony has yet to appear, it may only be a matter of time before your luck runs out. However, a new product has recently emerged that provides you with an opportunity to identify the presence of this wood destroying menace, usually before it infiltrates your home. The in ground termite monitor is an effective alternative to the use of a perimeter chemical treatment and has had considerable success in its short existence.

A pest control professional will install a series of monitoring stations around the perimeter of your home and structures. Locations that are conducive to activity such as near trees and tree stumps should also be selected. The monitors are fitted with timber billets that act as a food source. These monitors will only be effective if checked regularly by the pest control professional.

If activity is detected, a toxic bait is then added.

The termite trailblazers who found their way to this new food source will consume the toxin and soon transport it back to the nest. The toxin will spread rapidly and should eventually lead to the destruction of the colony.

Please note that monitoring systems will not attract foraging termites and they will not stop them from gaining access to a building or structure. They merely act as an early warning device used to alert the pest control professional to the presence of termites.

Once detected, the monitoring stations are then converted into a baiting station. The risk to buildings and structures is greatly reduced and provides you the homeowner with peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to protect one of your greatest assets.

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