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    Mice Pest Control Melbourne

    Mice belong to the order of rodents, which also includes the rat. The best-known species is the common house mouse that invades our homes and places of business in search of food, water and shelter. Mice pose a direct threat to us as they are a carrier of infectious disease, they chew through electrical cables that can cause a fire and their main predator is the snake (which is the last creature you want invading your home!). We offer safe, family and pet friendly mice control options that will eliminate your problem and prevent future infestations. Our services are offered to the residential, commercial and industrial sector.

    Well adapted to living among us, a mouse in your house is a serious health threat to all who live there. If you operate a commercial food business, the problem is escalated and can cause a major food contamination issue that can impact on your reputation and livelihood. Proactive mice control measures are vitally important for all homes and particularly food manufacturing and food service businesses. These creatures are small, nocturnal and nest in concealed locations, so you may not even be aware of a problem.

    How to get rid of mice in Melbourne

    Mice commonly live in the walls and roof spaces of our homes.

    8 signs that you require mice control

    • Droppings – usually the size of a grain of rice, they will typically be found in food storage areas, inside cupboards and behind refrigerators;
    • Urine trails – they have weak bladders and males in particular will leave behind a trail to signal others;
    • Nests – these creatures are timid and do not travel far. Therefore, nests will be located close to a food source. Sites include under stoves with a pilot light for warmth and behind or underneath refrigerators. The inside of wall cavities and in roof spaces are also popular nesting places;
    • Noise – particularly at night, including squeaks, rustling and scampering;
    • Gnaw marks – wood is gnawed on to manage the growth of incisor teeth;
    • Chew marks – food and food packaging will display chew marks. Cables for television and data and more dangerously, electrical wires, are also chewed. Fires are a distinct possibility due to exposed electrical wiring coming into contact with a flammable substance. Electrical short circuits are another common indicator;
    • Smells – a pungent musky odour will be clearly evident; &
    • Pet excitement – cats and dogs may have a heightened state of arousal during an infestation.

    Mice spread disease to us via direct contact, through food contamination or indirectly through ticks, mites and fleas that have fed on an infected rodent.

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    Diseases associated with mice

    • Salmonellosis;
    • Rickets pox;
    • Leptospirosis;
    • Meningitis;
    • Encephalitis; &
    • Tapeworm and ringworm.

    Effective Mice Control

    • Remove or seal off entry points – a mouse only needs a crack 1/4 inch wide to enter your home or place of business;
    • Store all food in sealed containers – things such as open cereal packets provide an open invitation;
    • Clean food spills as they occur;
    • Seal bins and disposing of rubbish at regular intervals;
    • Close off openings around pipe penetrations as this is a common way to enter the home;
    • Install door sweeps to prevent mouse access underneath doors; &
    • Cut back trees to below the roof line and mice can climb trees to enter the roof cavity.

    The old saying of ‘breeds like a rabbit’ also applies to mice.

    If you believe the problem has escalated beyond your control and requires intervention by a licensed pest control company then you can be sure we have the knowledge and experience to effectively eliminate your rodent scourge. There are many options available to control this menace and a combination of options is usually the most effective.

    There is no ‘one size fits all’ method to mice control. In private homes the practice of good hygiene and sanitation should go a considerable way to limiting the potential for infestation. If required, we use traps and baits to eliminate the problem.

    A commercial environment such as a cafe or restaurant requires extra vigilance. Strict health requirements must be met. We are very experienced in this field.

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    We can help

    If you engage our services we ensure that you:

    • Maintain the integrity of your food products;
    • Meet your health and safety obligations;
    • Comply with HACCP and local council requirements; &
    • Maintain your hard earned and well deserved reputation (and a healthy bottom line).

    You can be confident that we are discreet and flexible with our working hours to meet your needs. So whether there’s a problem at home or at your place of business simply contact 1300 665 573 to speak with one of our experienced technicians. Alternatively, you can complete the Contact Us form and we will call you at the next available opportunity.