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    Solar Panel Bird Proofing Melbourne

    Solar panel bird proofing has become one of our most sought after services in Melbourne. Your panels are a valuable asset that you want working at maximum efficiency. One factor that can impact on the output of solar panels is pesky birds.

    Solar panels take up much of the roof space and therefore provide perfect harbourage for birds. The underside of the panels provide shelter from the elements and protection from most predators. Thus, this area appeals to birds looking to establish a nest and commence breeding. 

    Once a nest is established birds need a place to roost and watch the world go by. This site will be as close as possible to their nest with your roof, antenna and gutters their likely roosting site. If allowed to remain, the number of birds residing on your roof will quickly multiply. But what does this mean?

    Birds cause the following problems

    • Unwanted noise;
    • Mess from nesting materials;
    • Putrid smells;
    • Droppings;
    • Corrosion caused by the acid in droppings;
    • Diseases spread by droppings;
    • Bird mites;
    • Blocked gutters & downpipes; &
    • An unsightly appearance.

    Solar panels need to be bird proofed to prevent unwanted guests sharing your property. 

    How we bird proof solar panels in Melbourne

    We offer the supply and installation of a high quality wire mesh that’s fastened around the perimeter of the panels with clips. The clips eliminate the need to drill the mesh to the perimeter like some other products used (drilling into the panels may void the manufacturer’s warranty). Once installed, birds wont be able to access the area underneath the panels and will therefore be likely to seek alternate accommodation. This will most often be another home with solar panels that aren’t protected! 

    Pigeons are the most common to invade these sites and once they establish themselves they’re not leaving without some form of human intervention.

    If you own a home or office with solar panels that require bird proofing then contact us now for a free quote. Even f you don’t currently have a problem there’s no guarantee that you wont some time in the future.

    Contact us on 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form to arrange for an onsite inspection and quote.

    Please note that we also have the capacity to clean gutters, downpipes and solar panels if required.