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    Pest Inspections

    Make sure you know exactly what you’re buying

    Australian homes and offices are commonly constructed with wood. Wood just happens to be the primary source of food for wood-boring insects, subterranean termites and other timber pests. The damage caused to homes by timber pests can be catastrophic and evidence of an infestation is not always obvious. If you’re in the market for a new home or office site you’re potentially making the largest financial investment of your life. Imagine how you would feel if, after you made the purchase, you discovered the structure was home to a colony of termites, wood-borers or severely damaged by decay? Don’t gamble with your future, engage use to thoroughly assess the structural integrity of your investment.

    We’re an experienced provider of pest control services to the residential and commercial sector in Melbourne. One of the most vital services we provide is a pre-purchase pest inspection. Countless homes and offices have become feeding grounds for termites and other wood-boring insects. We specialise in detecting evidence of an invasion, which will assist you in making a fully informed decision when it comes to making a formal offer to purchase.

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    It’s rare for a vendor (owner of a property) to provide a pre-purchase pest inspection report as part of the sale documents.

    You owe it to yourself and to any loved ones to protect any and all of your investments.

    A pre-purchase report is possibly the wisest investment you can make. The risk of termites in Victoria is assessed as moderate to high, with 70% of municipal council areas declared termite prone zones. There is also mounting evidence to suggest that all of Victoria should be declared as a termite prone area.

    If you’re a vendor you can also take the proactive and transparent approach of providing a pre-purchase inspection report as part of the contract of sale. This is mandatory in other states and will no doubt be required in Victoria in the near future. The real estate industry is clouded by mistrust of vendors and real estate agents, so any steps you can take to allay these fears and demonstrate your integrity could go a long way to contributing to a successful sale.

    Every inspection we conduct complies with Australian Standard 4349.3-2010, which exists to provide persons and organisations involved with inspections of residential, commercial and industrial dwellings with the necessary criteria to facilitate inspections and reports that satisfy all interested parties. We also adopt industry best practice that is documented in the Code of Practice for Prior to Purchase Specialist Timber Pest Inspections.

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    Our pre-purchase reports will assess the following:

    • whether pests are, or have been, present in the building;
    • whether there’s a heightened risk of the presence of timber pests; &
    • whether there’s existing damage caused by timber pests.

    The CSIRO report that over 650,000 homes have been infested with termites in the last five years. The report also estimated the cost to treat the problem and repair the damage is in excess of a staggering  $3.9 billion! Don’t become a statistic.

    Engage us to conduct a pre-purchase pest inspection on your behalf that allows you to make an informed decision when buying property.

    Don’t gamble with your future, simply call 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll respond to your enquiry.