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Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal from homes and offices in Melbourne is our specialty. It’s an unfortunate part of life that some animals prefer the warmth and relative safety of our homes and offices in preference to living outdoors.

It’s also unfortunate that, on occasion, these same animals will die indoors, either in the subfloor, a wall or the roof space.

The most common house invaders will be possums, rats, and mice. A decaying mouse will barely give off a noticeable smell. However, a possum or rat will be extremely potent. In fact, some would say it is unbearable.

A common sign of a dead animal is the presence of blowflies. These flies are able to detect a carcass very quickly after death. They will lay their eggs in the flesh. The eggs soon develop into maggots and they will begin to consume the flesh.

By this stage, there will be a very noticeable smell. If you do not remove the carcass the maggots will develop into blowflies and they will soon enter your living zones, as they will be attracted to the light.

When dying, these animals have a habit of concealing themselves in a secure location that is hard to reach, such as a wall cavity. We specialise in locating the source of the odour, as we know the common telltale signs of their presence.

The smell of a decaying carcass can linger for months and depend on the wind conditions, the potency of the smell can fluctuate.

Remove Dead Animals in Melbourne
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Dead Animal Removal Control Actions:

The best course of action is to:

  • Contact Pest Control Empire to book an appointment;
  • We arrive and locate the source;
  • We remove the source and any contaminated materials;
  • We disinfect the area;
  • We treat any flies and maggots that are present with a suitable pesticide.

We will lawfully dispose of the carcass and we can provide you with advice to assist with any lingering


Simply call 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form to arrange a call back. We consider this type of pest control situation to be of the utmost importance. A dead animal smell and the associated insects that are attracted to the body are extremely unhygienic and potentially dangerous so book an appointment now.