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    Timber Pest Inspections

    Termites, also known as the ‘silent destroyer’, cause more damage to our homes each year than floods, bushfires and other natural disasters combined. Surprising as this may be, you may find it even more surprising to know that most of us do not proactively protect our homes against attack.

    Rather, we wait for the problem to present before taking any affirmative action. By the time this menace is brought to our attention, usually by a kitchen chair leg breaking through a floorboard or a vacuum cleaner head pushing through a flimsy skirting board, it’s often too late.

    Damage caused by this notorious insect is not generally protected by a standard home insurance policy. Therefore, the cost to treat the problem and repair the damage will fall to you, the homeowner.

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    Homes are also open to attack from other timber pests, most notably borers and wood decay.

    For this reason, it’s imperative that you remain vigilant in the protection of your home, which for most of us is our most expensive asset.

    The value of a home with structural damage drops markedly. Should you decide to sell, the damage will likely be uncovered in a pre-purchase inspection. The thought of a potentially costly repair bill will deter most prospective buyers.

    The true damage caused cannot be fully known until well into a repair. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to quote an accurate repair bill. For this reason, many builders refuse to undertake the repair to homes damaged by termites and those that do charge very high prices.

    Pest Inspections provide peace of mind

    Wouldn’t you want peace of mind that your home is pest-free, particularly from the ‘silent destroyer’? The first line of defense is an annual termite and timber pest inspection.

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    We offer inspections to existing homeowners, prospective homebuyers and commercial property owners that will ensure a detailed understanding of the said building.

    Our pest inspections reports conform to:

    • Australian Standard 4349.3-2010 Inspection of Buildings Part 3: Timber Pest Inspections; &
    • Australian Standard 3660.2-2000 Termite Management Part 2: In and Around Existing Buildings and Structures – Guidelines.

    Following an inspection a written report shall be provided to the requesting party that will detail the specific findings of the subject property. In the report, the following will be assessed:

    • Evidence of any timber pests;
    • Evidence of any visually observable damage caused by timber pests;;
    • Susceptibility of the particular building to timber pests; &
    • Any further investigations required.

    A considerable amount of technical knowledge and skill is required to determine whether a building is infested.

    This is even more so in the early stages of an attack, or when it is confined to a remote and difficult to access section within a structure.

    We have the experience and integrity you require

    Our highly experienced and well-equipped technicians know the habits of timber pests intimately. This has been achieved through years of experience and a commitment to continuous professional development and training. We know:

    • The manner in which they work;
    • Where they are likely to be found; &
    • The signs that indicate that they are present.

    If we confirm the presence of timber pests in your home, we strongly recommend commencing a management program. This is a service that we also offer to you. We’ve had excellent success in the destruction of timber pests including termites and we work diligently to ensure that these pests do not return.

    If we can locate the nest we will destroy it using a chemical treatment, known as a termiticide. However, it’s rare to find a nest only because it is usually buried underground. If we cannot locate the nest, we will institute a baiting and dusting program. In this instance, we exploit our knowledge of the natural habits of these eusocial insects.

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    Where we locate their presence within a structure, we will carefully bait and dust the site with a lethal toxin.

    Termites that travel through this site will ingest the toxin. However, it will not usually take effect until the insect has had the opportunity to return to the colony. Termites that travel into our homes in search of food are workers. Workers have the responsibility of grooming and feeding the rest of the colony.

    A poisoned worker will soon return to the colony to feed and groom the other caste members, including the queen. At this time, the deadly toxin will be passed throughout the colony, resulting in its demise. This can take up to several months and we will conduct regular inspections to confirm that the colony has in fact been eliminated and the threat posed to your home removed.

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    We can help!

    To book a timber pest inspection simply contact 1300 665 573 and select a suitable time with one of our trained technicians. Alternatively, you can submit the Contact Us form and we will respond to your enquiry at the earliest opportunity.

    The relatively small investment you make to protect your home with an inspection may save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run.