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    Rental Property Pest Control

    Fast, Effective & Affordable Pest Control

    Rental property pest control is our specialty. We offer cost-effective pest control for residential rental properties, irrespective of whether you require the service as a tenant or a landlord. A thorough inspection and pest control treatment is the only way for you to know that a property is free of rodents, insects and other unwanted guests. As a landlord, you should ensure any control measures are conducted prior to offering a property for rent. As an outgoing tenant, you should also conduct a control treatment after vacating a property. A professional pest control company should be engaged and we believe that we should be that company as our record of success speaks for itself. 

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    Know your rights as a tenant & landlord

    If you’re a landlord or tenant of a rental property, your rights and obligations are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (the Act). Prior to leasing a property, a landlord and prospective tenant should enter into a binding agreement, known as a tenancy or lease agreement. As a landlord you should engage a real estate agency to advertise a rental property for lease. A designated property manager should manage the tenancy during the period of the lease agreement and any extensions thereafter. The property manager should also ensure a tenancy agreement is signed and a bond is paid by the tenant. This bond should be lodged and held in trust with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority.

    Prior to signing an agreement, as a prospective tenant you should feel confident in the knowledge that you're moving into a home that's free of pests.

    The Act does not specify anything related to pest control and as such, interpretations of the legislation have been made in regard to this area. The Act specifies that a landlord must present a property for rent that is in a clean and safe condition. Similarly, the Act requires a tenant to leave a property in a similar condition. This would imply that a property should be free of infestation at the start and end of any tenancy.

    It has been determined that any pest control should be noted as a special condition of a tenancy agreement, with any service carried out by a professional and licensed company. This is the only way to ensure peace of mind that the home will be free of unwanted guests when you move in.

    If the property had been previously occupied by a tenant, the responsibility for any control may fall to the vacating tenant, particularly if they owned a pet or pets. The rental property may also have been vacant for an extended period of time. The longer a home is vacant the higher the chance insects, rodents and other undesirables have moved in. In order to avoid a dispute, you should not deal directly with the landlord, with any request for control facilitated via your property manager.

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    Conversely, as a tenant you may also be the owner of a pet or pets.

    A landlord may be so kind as to allow your extended family to live with you in the rental property. In circumstances such as this, it is extremely common for a special condition to be written into the tenancy agreement that upon vacating the property, you as the tenant must engage a licensed pest control company to conduct an end of lease treatment. It’s only fair that you provide the property in the same state in which it was provided to you. It’s also a matter of respect that any new tenant be accorded the same rights afforded to you.

    Common household pets, such as cats and dogs, attract pests. Rats and mice feed on dry pet food, which is commonly stored in the kitchen pantry. Rodents also scavenge around common feeding areas in search of leftovers. A dog or cat food bowl should be regularly cleaned and any uneaten food discarded as it will almost certainly attract rodents and even possums.

    Dogs and cats also play host to insects, which includes fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks feed on the blood of mammals and lay eggs on their hosts. Pets often sleep indoors and sleeping quarters can become one of the primary habitats of insect eggs. Eggs can take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks to hatch. The last thing an interested party wants is to find a rental property that has an active infestation. A failure to properly clean a property may also impact on whether the bond is returned in full.

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    We specialise in pre-lease and end of lease control that will ensure a rental property is invasion free at both the beginning and end of any lease agreement.

    We’re a licensed and fully insured provider of pest control services. We also stock environmentally sustainable pesticides that meet all specified health and safety requirements. For an obligation free quote simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the customer contact form and we’ll call you at the earliest opportunity.