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About Our Pest Extermination Services

Pest Control

Pest control is a vital service available to all Melbourne residents and business owners. Whether it’s an ant invasion in your pantry or termites silently chewing the structural timber of your home, you can fight back.

In the good old days, a pest controller would come and ‘bomb’ your home with harmful chemicals. While this was effective at repelling pests, it was also harmful to you, your family and your pets.

In the modern age, however, stringent controls are in place to ensure that only the safest possible chemicals are used in a home or office. Nevertheless, when applying chemicals we always adhere to the instructions on the label. We also use personal protective equipment, such as gloves and a face mask, to minimise our contact with the pesticide or rodenticide.

When an internal pesticide treatment has been conducted, it is essential that the premises are vacated to allow the chemical to dry. The standard timeframe before re-entry is generally 4 hours. However, on a warm day, it can be reduced to 2 hours. Be wary of a pest control company that says you do not need to vacate the home following an internal treatment.

In regard to rodent control, all rodenticide bait used to control rats and mice both within the internal section of the home and in an outdoor environment must be secured in a locked, tamper-proof container.

These bait stations are designed to provide access to the designated target only. Rats and mice enter through the opening, find their way into the section where the rodenticide is secured, then commence feeding.

The rodenticide should remain in the station at all times. In this regard, other non-target species such as dogs, cats, and birds cannot consume the bait.

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Safe use of insecticides and rodenticides is essential in pest control. Contact us to ensure pests are the only target!

We offer safe, affordable and effective pest control solutions to the residents and business owners in Melbourne. Our pest technicians are highly trained and tailor a pest control service that best suits your needs.

We are fully insured and treat every home or business as if it’s our own. We offer solutions to every pest in Melbourne. If you wish to discuss any issue you may have simply call us on 1300 665 573.