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    Spiders Pest Control Melbourne

    Is there another creature on the planet that conjures as much fear as the spider? Despite its small stature, the fact that most species are venomous goes a long way to justifying this fear. Arachnophobia is the term given to the specific fear of spiders. There’s even a Hollywood movie of the same name that celebrates this fear. However, the movie was not a box office smash as most of us were too scared to watch it! We offer year round spider control to all Melbourne suburbs.

    People with this phobia feel uneasy in any area they believe might harbour spiders. Visible signs of their presence such as a web can bring on a panic attack. In extreme cases, a photograph or even a realistic drawing can trigger this fear. Spiders live among us in our homes, work places and in our gardens. This fact is unacceptable for many people. Webs are also considered unattractive so elimination of the source is highly desired. As a result, we offer fast and effective spider control services for both the residential and commercial sector.

    Most spiders are nocturnal and will rarely be seen during the day. When daylight fades they leave their burrows or shelters in search of food or in the case of web-spinners, to construct webs to trap prey. They are carnivorous, mostly feeding on living or freshly killed insects. When food supply is short they will often kill and eat their own kind. In a strange twist, once a male has fertilised a female, he’s often eaten by his partner. Now that’s domestic violence to the extreme!

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    Types of Spiders

    • Web spinning; &
    • Ground dwelling.

    Common web spinning spiders include the:

    • Red back;
    • Daddy long legs;
    • Leaf curling spider; &
    • Black house spider.

    The web acts as both a habitat and a means to capture prey.

    Ground dwellers are ambush predators that are either nomadic or live in burrows sometimes closed by trap doors.

    Examples of ground dwellers include the:

    • Sydney funnel web;
    • White tail;
    • Wolf; &
    • Huntsman. – Huntsman are nomadic and feed on other spiders. They aren’t poisonous yet they still generate fear in the community.
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    How to avoid a spider bite

    • Wear gloves when tending to the garden or handling rubbish;
    • Wear covered footwear, particularly at night; &
    • Don’t leave toys, clothes or other items outside as they can become a temporary resting place.

    Ground dwelling spiders often enter our homes and offices after extensive periods of wet weather, when excavation or landscaping has disturbed their habitat, or when in search of a mate during breeding season. This is particularly so for the male funnel web, who can wander long distances to find a breeding partner.

    Should you experience an increase in unwanted guests, we’re able to attend your home or office to identify likely points of entry and close them off. Cracks and crevices provide ideal entry, as do loose fitting window screens and doors. You may need to invest in new window screens and door weather shields to prevent easy access and ensure effective spider control.

    The control of web spinning spiders is easily achieved as the host will not move far from the web.

    Webs will often be located in and around decks, patios, sheds, garages, roof voids, eaves and window frames. The use of insecticides sprayed directly onto and around the web will result in death. You should wait at least a week before clearing away any webs to ensure long lasting results.

    It should be noted that it’s virtually impossible to keep your property free from spiders. Population levels can however, be managed through regular spider control. To speak with a licensed technician contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch.

    *As a side note, there has been no recorded deaths in Australia from a spider bite since 1981, being the year anti-venom was introduced for the Sydney funnel web. Anti-venom was introduced for the red back in the 1950’s. However, please note that Australia has some of the most venomous spiders in the world, so if you or someone you know is bitten, first aid should be applied and medical treatment sought if deemed necessary. This is particularly so in the case of infants and small children.


    What are the signs of a spider infestation?

    • Webs — One obvious clue is an abundance of webs in and around your property. Spiders love to weave their homes in corners, ceilings and hidden spots.
    • Egg sacs — Spider egg sacs can be found in dark, secluded areas. These small, round structures contain multiple eggs, and if you spot them, it’s a sign that more spiders may be on the way.
    • Bites or allergies — While uncommon, spider bites can occur, resulting in redness, swelling or more severe reactions. If you notice unexplained bites, it’s worth investigating for spiders.

    Searching for pest control for spiders in Melbourne? Contact Pest Control Empire today.

    What are the best ways to prevent spider infestations?

    • Seal entry points — Cover any cracks or gaps in walls, windows and doors. Spiders are crafty climbers, so sealing off their potential entrances is a great start.
    • Keep your space clean — Regular cleaning helps eliminate hiding spots and removes potential prey for spiders. Pay extra attention to dark corners, basements and areas with less foot traffic.
    • Ensure outdoor maintenance — Trim bushes, trees and vegetation near your property. Spiders love to use plants as bridges to reach new territories.
    • Reduce clutter — Spiders adore clutter. Declutter your spaces to leave fewer spots for them to hang out.
    • Use natural repellents — Some scents, like peppermint or citrus, are known to deter spiders. Consider using essential oils or sprays with these scents around entry points.

    For reliable Melbourne spider pest control services for your home and workplace, trust Pest Control Empire — your key to a healthier and more secure space. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive spider pest control solutions!

    How do I get rid of spiders in my home or business?

    • Vacuum and dust — Regularly vacuum and dust to remove existing webs and spiders. Don’t forget those hard-to-reach spots!
    • Insecticides — Specially formulated spider insecticides can help manage spiders by effectively targeting their webs and hiding spots.
    • Professional help — For a comprehensive approach tailored to your property, seek advice from Pest Control Empire. Our team’s expertise ensures effective and safe spider control.

    For assistance or more information about our spider pest control services, contact us at 1300 665 573 today.