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    Snake Removal Melbourne

    We are a trained and licensed snake catcher offering snake control in all Melbourne suburbs. If you sight a snake you should immediately contact us on 1300 665 573 and we’ll attend as soon as possible.

    Snake Control Melbourne

    Snake Species in Melbourne

    • Eastern tiger snake;
    • Eastern brown snake;
    • Red bellied black snake; 
    • Lowlands copper head; &
    • White lipped snake.

    All snakes should be considered poisonous until proven otherwise.

    Tiger snakes flatten their necks when threatened. Keep your eye on a snake from a distance and contact a snake catcher.

    What to do if you see a snake

    • Keep your distance – most people are bitten while trying to catch snakes;
    • Secure your pets – curiosity killed the cat!
    • Keep your eye on it from a secure location; &
    • Contact a professional snake catcher.

    How to help keep snakes away

    • Regular maintenance of lawns;
    • Removal of debris from the ground, particularly iron sheeting;
    • Storing materials including firewood at least 100mm off the ground;
    • Storing animal food in air tight containers; &
    • Eliminating rodents including rats & mice as they are the preferred food source.

    Snakes that are native to Australia are protected by the Wildlife Act 1975. It’s illegal to kill any native animal and this includes snakes.

    Snake Removal

    If we successfully locate and remove a snake we always release it in parkland within 5 kilometres of the capture sight as is required by law.

    Our aim is always to reduce the likelihood of snakes returning to our homes so we select the safest location available.

    These creatures are vital to our ecosystem as they assist to reduce the population of pests including rats and mice. Snakes will generally avoid contact with humans and their first instinct is always to escape. However if disturbed, surprised or threatened they are likely to attack.

    Our aim is to remove a snake from public or private property in the shortest possible time with regard to reducing the likelihood of injury to persons, pets and the snake itself. Call us for prompt and professional snake control as soon as possible after any sighting. Often people mistake lizards for snakes. We’d prefer that you assume it’s a snake and call us anyway.

    If bitten you should always assume that the snake is poisonous, apply first aid and seek urgent medical assistance.