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    Flea Pest Control Melbourne

    Fleas survive on our blood and the blood of our pets, most notably cats and dogs. A wingless parasite, this insect is found the world over. A bite is extremely itchy and scratching will usually lead to a secondary infection. Should you suffer an outbreak, you should contact a licensed pest control provider. We’re experienced in the elimination of this irritating and disease riddled menace. We’ll determine the type, the source and the extent of the problem. A suitable flea control strategy will then be devised, which will include the use of a registered pesticide. This will be necessary to kill this pest at every stage of the life cycle.

    How do I know if I have a flea infestation?

    Fleas are extremely small and difficult to detect. However, there are several tell tale signs that will allow you to confirm their presence.

    • Bites that are usually around your feet and ankles and that have a puncture point in the middle of the lump;
    • Bites that are itchy and if scratched, can develop a secondary infection;
    • Irritated pets that continually scratch, particularly close to their ears and rump; &
    • Inspection of your cat or dog for fleas or dark specs (fecal matter) by parting the fur (once again pay particular attention to the ears and rump).

    A tell tale sign of a flea infestation is an irritated pet. If your cat or dog is constantly scratching you require flea control.

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    What does a flea look like?

    • An oval shaped body anywhere between 2 mm and 8 mm in length;
    • Brown in colour and wingless;
    • An overtly small head;
    • Six legs; &
    • Pronounced hind legs that allow it to jump considerable distances.

    An adult exists purely to feed and reproduce. The cycle of reproduction begins when a female first gorges on blood and every time thereafter. As many as 20 eggs are laid in a cycle and will usually be found on the host. However, eggs can easily fall from the host onto the ground below and are therefore commonly found in and around animal sleeping areas.

    This will often become the primary habitat for eggs and larvae. Eggs can take anywhere between two days and two weeks to hatch depending on the climate. A female can lay as many as 5000 eggs in a lifetime which can be up to two years in ideal conditions. It’s easy to see then how a failure to act on a potential outbreak can lead to total infestation.

    Fleas are a major cause of disease

    Appropriate flea control should become a priority as these vile creatures can spread viral and bacterial diseases every time they bite us. They have even assisted in the spread of epidemics including the bubonic plague. Carried by rodents, the bubonic plague was passed to humans by fleas that had fed on infected rodents. This however has never been the case in Australia. We just use this example as a demonstration of the horrendous effects that can result from a lack of proper flea control.

    Infested animals should be treated immediately. We recommend that you consult your local veterinarian for the appropriate advice. Your home should then be thoroughly cleaned. Animal bedding and sleeping areas should be a high priority area. You should vacuum your home several times if you suspect a flea infestation. Pay attention to cracks and crevices where eggs may be hidden.

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    End of Lease Flea Control

    It’s often a requirement for outgoing tenants with pets (cats & dogs) to undertake a flea treatment of their rental property prior to vacating. Property managers will commonly withhold the initial bond deposit until a treatment is carried out. We are the recommended pest manager for many real estate agencies as we offer fast and effective flea treatments for outgoing tenants at very affordable prices. Click this link to find out about end of lease pest control.

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    We can help

    Should you be unable to get your flea problem under control we offer fast, effective and affordable flea control solutions that will stop your infestation in its tracks. You can rest assured that the insecticides we use are environmentally friendly. Health and safety is our first priority so you have the added peace of mind that you, your family and your pets will be free from harm. To enquire about our services simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll call you at the first available time.