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Why We Love Pest Control in Melbourne

Pest Control Empire was created out of a desire to protect the health, safety, and financial security of Melbourne residents and business owners. Disease carrying vectors such as cockroaches and flies contaminate our food, make us sick and cost businesses money and reputations.

Destructive insects such as termites and wood-borers compromise the structural integrity of our homes and offices. Anyone who’s suffered the effects of termite damage knows all too well the financial heartache that ensues. Termite damage is not covered by a standard insurance policy so the cost to you can be crippling.

We have a passion for protecting the empire you’ve worked hard to create. Your prized assets are your health, your family, your home and your business or place of employment.

As such, your assets deserve protection from pests that harbour disease, contaminate food, spread infection and cause permanent damage to physical structures or irreparable damage to the goodwill and reputation of a business.

We’re an environmentally conscious, licensed pest solution provider to the residential and commercial sector in Melbourne. We value your health and safety as if it were our own. The integrity of your home or business is also our priority.

We are a family-owned business that offers you a fast, friendly, and most importantly, reliable pest management service. The safety of people, pets and the environment is of paramount importance. Pests are controllable and should not be left to flourish.

You’ve worked too hard building your own empire to allow it to suffer at the hands of a controllable threat. If you’re reacting to an existing pest problem or simply looking to implement a proactive pest plan, we’re only too willing to help.

We’re experienced in all fields of pest control, including:

  • Ants;
  • Bed Bugs;
  • Bees;
  • Birds;
  • Cockroaches;
  • Flies;
  • Fleas;
  • Mice;
  • Mosquitoes;
  • Possums;
  • Rats;
  • Silverfish;
  • Snakes;
  • Spiders;
  • Stored product pests (beetles & moths);
  • Termites;
  • Wasps;
  • & more.

We believe that we offer a valuable contribution to the residents and business owners in Melbourne through the pest control services we offer. Our services are offered to the residential and commercial sector and include:

  • General pest control in Melbourne;
  • Termite Inspections for existing buildings and structures;
  • Termite control for existing buildings and structures;
  • Termite control for new building and structures;
  • Pre-purchase timber pest inspections;
  • Annual inspections; &
  • Pre & post lease pest treatments.

After assessing each individual situation, we’ll tailor a control solution to meet your specific needs. We’ll also educate you on how to prevent similar pest occurrences in the future.

Purchasing a new home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. We are homeowners too and as a part of our service, we offer pre-purchase inspections of any homes you may wish to purchase. You wouldn’t buy a second hand car without having it assessed by a qualified mechanic, so why would you purchase a house without a professional inspection?

The cost of a pre-purchase inspection may save you years of heartache and countless money should you find your home provides residence to a colony of termites or other timber pests. In this instance, the saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” really does ring true.

We also specialise in rental property pest control (pre-lease and end of lease). If you’re moving into a new property you should have peace of mind that it’s clean and habitable. You have the option to make a pest control treatment part of the special condition of your lease agreement.

A post departure treatment may also be a requirement of your tenancy agreement, particularly for those with pets. We have a great relationship with real estate agents, property managers and strata companies, so should you be moving on from your current place of abode you can be confident in our services and engage us to conduct the end of lease treatment to the satisfaction of all interested parties.

Pesticides are commonly used in the control of pests. Our technicians are licensed by the Department of Health to use pesticides pursuant to section 101 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

Licensing of the industry is designed to protect operators, consumers, members of the public as well as the environment from the potentially harmful effects of pesticides. We value this licence and respect the legislation that governs the industry. Our compliance with the requirements of the legislation is non-negotiable.

Strict control measures are also in place for all native animals. The native animal we encounter most is the possum. The Wildlife Act 1975 provides protection to native animals and penalties for those who breach the legislation. Should you have a possum problem simply call us and we’ll identify a suitable course of action to humanely rid you of your unwanted possum problem.

You can rest assured that we are professional in every sense of the word. We hold current cover relating to professional indemnity, as well as general and public liability insurance.

We take pride in the uniform we wear and value our reputation in the pest control industry and the wider consumer public. Meeting your requirements safely, effectively and at a reasonable price is the outcome we always strive for and regularly achieve.

To speak with us simply contact 1300 665 573 or fill in the Contact Us form and we’ll respond at the earliest possible opportunity.