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    Stored Products Pest Control Melbourne

    The storage and handling of food requires extensive management and careful attention. Food contamination and spoilage as well as the spread of disease is a very real threat. One potential threat comes from the many species of small beetles, moths and mites that live and breed in food. Known as stored product pests, these creatures attack and otherwise destroy food products. They can be found in any location where food is stored. For commercial food enterprises, a stored product pest control strategy is a non-negotiable.

    We service both the residential and commercial sector. We offer effective stored product pest control that will ensure your food stocks are free of unwanted ingredients!

    For centuries now we’ve grown amounts of food that exceed our immediate consumption needs. This excess requires storage for a period before use. Mechanisms must be developed to prevent the ravenous impact of insects and other organisms to prevent spoilage. In many tropical and sub-tropical countries it’s conservatively estimated that losses of grain in-store may be as high as half of total production. The economic impact on the industry is therefore enormous and unable to be ignored.

    These invasive species exploit stored products as both a food source and a habitat. They are commonly found in farms, mills, warehouses, food processing facilities, bakeries, shops, restaurants, school canteens and even our humble home kitchen pantry.

    Stored Product Pest Control Melbourne

    Types of Stored Product Pests

    • Drugstore beetles;
    • Spider beetles;
    • Warehouse beetles;
    • Dried fruit beetles;
    • Rice weevils;
    • Granary weevils;
    • Grain moths;
    • Indian meal moths;
    • Tobacco moths;
    • Flour mites; &
    • Straw itch mites.

    In favourable conditions populations will grow rapidly.

    Infestations in domestic situations are generally confined to the kitchen pantry. Breeding will usually take place in packets that haven’t been used for a considerable period of time. These will include flour and dried fruits. You should discard contaminated packaging and treat the area with aerosol for space or surface spraying. If you find that treating pests is outside your comfort zone then we’re more than happy to offer our services.

    Susceptible foods should always be sealed in jars and containers to avoid a re-occurrence.

    Stored product pest control and prevention will require

    • Regular monitoring and inspection of products;
    • High sanitation and hygiene standards;
    • Rotation of stock location; &
    • Chemical control.

    You should ensure that stock is sourced from reputable suppliers and that packaging is sealed and intact. While you may be extremely vigilant you may find that your supplier or transport company is not. You don’t want to unwittingly invite a menace that can impact on your reputation – and your bottom line!

    An integrated pest management plan will be necessary and should be developed in consultation with a licensed pest control company. We’re experienced in both residential and commercial management and we’ll assist you in providing an exemplary workplace that is pest-free.

    The use of traps (mostly pheromone based) is a useful tool used by us to determine the extent and location of infestations. Chemical use is also effective for stored product pest control.

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    We use only the highest quality insecticides that are safe to use in food storage premises.

    Your health and safety and that of your employees and end users is the most important factor in our business. To speak with an experienced technician be sure to call 1300 665 573 or fill in the Contact Us form and we will call you.