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    Silverfish Control Melbourne

    The silverfish, also known as a fish moth, is a small, wingless insect that’s often found in our ceilings, basements, wardrobes, bookshelves, bathtubs, sinks and showers. It due to its fishlike appearance and similar style of movement. They’re considered a household pest due to their consumption and destruction of property. We are experienced in all facets of silverfish control and work with you to ensure that the problem doesn’t resurface. We know that a pest infestation is disturbing for you, your family or your employees and as such we strive to eliminate the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Silverfish Control Melbourne

    What does a silverfish eat?

    Common food sources of this invasive insect include: our clothing, carpet, some paints, paper, photographs and plaster. If starved of their preferred items, they’ll even eat leather and synthetic fabrics. They don’t cause us harm as they wont spread disease and their bite can’t penetrate our skin. That’s not to say they shouldn’t silverfish control isn’t required as the damage they can cause is considerable. Their presence will attract other pests that feed on them.

    Silverfish are about a half-inch in length, with a uniform silver colouring. With a long and slender body, they have a broad head with antennae and a gradual taper at the rear. Silverfish prefer damp conditions and a humid temperature. They’re nocturnal but will be active in any dark location. This insect moves freely on flat surfaces but struggles to climb, particularly on shiny surfaces. This explains why they will often be found at the bottom of sinks and bathtubs.

    With the right environment they can live for up to 7 years. Imagine the damage that could be caused to your treasured possessions in that time if you didn’t control them! Eggs can be produced all year round with up to 60 laid at a time. It’s easy to see therefore how an uncontrolled silverfish population can quickly explode. Natural predators include earwigs, house centipedes and spiders.

    The silverfish has a fish type appearance and will be found in dark and moist areas.

    How to Identify a Silverfish Infestation

    • Exoskeletons or shed skins, which is required as part of the maturation process;
    • Irregular shaped holes in fabrics;
    • Yellow stains on fabrics;
    • Loose wallpaper with irregular shaped holes – they’re attracted to the glue used in the adhesive process; &
    • Loosely bound books as again, they are attracted to the glue used for binding.

    With the adoption of an integrated pest management strategy silverfish control is easily achievable.

    Helpful silverfish prevention tips

    • Eliminate sources of excessive moisture, such as leaking taps and shower heads;
    • Reduction of condensation;
    • Removal of standing sources of water;
    • Use of an air conditioner or fan;
    • Vacuum inside cracks and crevices as these sites are ideal for living and breeding;
    • Removal of food sources; &
    • Storage of food in sealed containers.

    As is the case with most pests the removal of harbourage areas and a suitable food supply will usually ensure effective silverfish control. If infestation levels are beyond your control capabilities we provide professional, cost effective services that will stop your invasion fast.

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    We identify and remove points of entry as well as likely food and water sources.

    A combination of chemical solutions will then be administered to eliminate the problem. Insecticide dust, spray and granular baits will provide long lasting resistance to this menace.

    Rest assured that the products we use are environmentally friendly and most importantly will cause no health and safety issues to you or your family. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations. To speak with a qualified technician simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.