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    Pests At Home

    Pest Control Melbourne Wide – Pests spread disease and destroy homes

    Your health and safety and that of your immediate family is vital for a high quality of life. The structural integrity of your home, possibly the most expensive asset you’ll ever own, is also crucial to your financial security. Pests pose a year round problem to your health, safety and property. Your home is your sanctuary and shouldn’t be invaded by unwanted pests. We specialise in urban and timber pest management, employing environmentally friendly management plans that demonstrate our professionalism, expertise and genuine regard for your needs. We offer pest control Melbourne wide so contact us now.

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    To survive, a pest needs the following three conditions:

    1. A constant food supply;
    2. A suitable amount of moisture; &
    3. An appropriate place to live, referred to as harbourage.

    To eliminate one of these three conditions will usually eliminate the pest problem.

    Common household pest invaders include:

    • Ants;
    • Bed bugs;
    • Bees;
    • Birds;
    • Cockroaches;
    • Flies;
    • Fleas;
    • Mice;
    • Mosquitoes;
    • Possums;
    • Rats;
    • Silverfish;
    • Snakes;
    • Spiders;
    • Stored product pests (beetles & moths);
    • Termites;
    • Wasps;
    • & more.
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    Our Pest Control Melbourne based services

    You may be one of the many people who has a phobia of bugs, insects, spiders and even birds. A review of the Indexed Phobia List confirms a named phobia for each of the above listed pests. A more in depth review notes that there is even a recorded phobia of mother-in-laws. While we can assist in the removal and prevention of most unwanted guests, even we haven’t found a way to humanely dispose of the dreaded mother-in-law!

    Whether you have an existing problem or you’re proactively seeking to prevent a possible pest invasion, we have the knowledge, skills and ability to meet your specific needs. We offer year-round protection for your peace of mind.

    We’ll conduct a detailed assessment of your home which includes any garage, shed, decking area and garden bed for conditions conducive to pests. This includes a review of any structural faults that would allow entry into your home and any food or water source that ensure survival. Eliminate entry points, food and water sources and any suitable harbourage areas and you’re well on the way to being pest free.

    Based on our comprehensive assessment, we’ll tailor a pest management plan to suit your specific situation.

    Proactive prevention is the ideal outcome and is easily achievable through vigilance and discipline.

    Should your problem be so intense that further action is required, we stock environmentally friendly pesticides, bait traps and other solutions to eliminate any pest control needs. The safety of you and your family, which includes any pets, is at the forefront of our thinking when deploying pesticides. Our management plan will include follow up inspections where we will report on any new activity or change in conditions that might see the problem return.

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    All our pest professionals hold a current industry licence issued by the Department of Health & Human Services.

    We also hold professional indemnity, general and public liability insurance. We are professional in every sense of the word. Your health, safety and financial security are our priority. We strive to meet your needs in a timely, effective and affordable manner.

    To speak with us about pest control Melbourne wide simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll call you at the earliest opportunity.