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Mosquito Control

We just love a barbecue, never more so than in summer, so, mosquito control is a must. However, nothing takes the fun out of this Aussie tradition faster than a plague of bloodthirsty mosquitoes! Their bite is painful and itchy. If scratched, a secondary infection can develop. All this is only compounded by the fact that the common mozzie can spread a veritable smorgasbord of diseases, some of which can prove fatal. We adopt an integrated pest management approach to the control and management of mosquitoes in the residential and commercial sectors. We will attend and identify the causes of the outbreak then safely and effectively control the existing problem. Strategies will then be developed to prevent any reoccurrence.

Mosquitoes belong to the same family as the loathsome fly and both are considered a nuisance pest. A female requires a blood meal in order to produce eggs, with their preference being mammals (including humans), birds, reptiles and amphibians. Their tube-like mouthparts pierce the skin of their host which then allows for the extraction of blood. They act as vectors of disease and it is estimated that, worldwide, they transmit diseases to more than 700 million people annually. Millions of deaths each year are attributed to diseases spread by this ectoparasite.

Diseases commonly transmitted include:

  • yellow fever
  • dengue fever
  • malaria
  • encephalitis
  • Ross River virus
  • Barmah Forest virus

It is therefore wise to avoid being bitten at any cost. There are several steps you should take to control your local population. In order to breed, a female must locate a pool of standing water in which to lay her eggs. If you remove all possible water sources you remove their required breeding grounds. This will likely prevent the next generation from taking up residence in your yard.

Mosquito Control Actions

There are several locations around your home where water can pool. These common locations and the steps you can take to remove it include:

Garbage Bins

– Water can pool on the bottom of garbage bins. Drill several holes in the bottom of a bin to allow water to drain.


– Keep gutters clean and free from debris. A clean gutter allows for the collected water to runoff into drainage pipes as intended.

Swimming Pools

– Keep your filter on a regular daily cycle to keep water flowing. Also, maintain chlorine at the required levels.

Poor Drainage Areas

– After a period of rain, you should inspect your property for sites that do not drain well. If standing water remains for several days after rain you will need to regrade the area.


– Aerate ornamental ponds to keep water flowing. Alternatively, there are several species of mosquito-eating fish that will consume the larvae.

There are also many other items found around your home that can provide adequate breeding sites. Birdbaths, wading pools, pottery, flower pot saucers, aluminium cans and old tyres all pool water and should either be discarded or emptied after a period of rain or watering. Pet water bowls should also be emptied and replenished every second day.

The installation of window and door screens around your home or office will help to prevent indoor activity. Remember to check screens for holes and repair or replace them if necessary. Bites are also most prevalent at dawn and dusk. The use of an approved insect repellent at these times will reduce the likelihood of an attack. Repellents will not kill mozzies, they simply work by inhibiting the stimuli for blood-feeding. Remember to read the label, particularly in relation to application on children.

The use of coils that emit insecticides is effective only in sheltered outdoor areas. The use of coils indoors is not recommended for health reasons. Electronic vaporizers are effective indoors and in sheltered outdoor areas. Electronic devices that repel by sound have been found to be ineffective while ‘bug-zappers’ have a low success rate against biting insects.

A licensed pest control technician can also apply a number of effective insecticides to problem areas which can have considerable success. This type of approach is particularly appropriate for functions, such as a birthday party or a Christmas celebration which may be held outdoors and where a pest-free environment is highly desirable. The long-term effects will be determined by your compliance with other integrated pest management recommendations. To speak with one of our experienced technicians contact 1300 665 573 or complete the customer contact form and we will call you at the earliest opportunity.