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    Ant Pest Control Melbourne

    Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organised teams numbering in the millions. They thrive in most ecosystems and are one of the most durable insects on the planet. Their ability to exploit resources including food, water and shelter often brings them into conflict with humans, as our homes and offices provide endless supplies of the ingredients they need to survive. We offer professional insect control solutions, irrespective of whether the problem is in a residential or commercial dwelling. Our ant control methods are environmentally sound and extremely effective.

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    Why are ants coming inside?

    Ants can nest in and around your home or office: lawns, walls, tree stumps and just about any other place imaginable. They commonly enter dwellings in search of food, water and shelter and require only a small entry point. Dirty bins, pet food bowls, pantries and any spillages will attract these unwanted guests. A solitary ant is merely a scout for the nearby colony. Once a food source is located, others will follow an invisible pheromone left behind by the trailblazer that acts as a directional guide. In no time at all you could find yourself with a plague of epic proportions.

    While we tend to be more vigilant in the cleaning of our own homes, we often become lax in a work environment. A professional cleaning company may be engaged to clean an office space, leading to employees becoming complacent with sanitation. However, you may find that the cleaning company is only contracted to attend once a week. By the time they arrive to conduct any cleaning services, an infestation may have already occurred. In the food, beverage and hospitality industry, extra vigilance is required. Reputation is everything and an outbreak can tarnish the reputation of even the most trusted brands.

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    What problems can ants cause?:

    • Bites and stings causing pain and inflammation to humans and pets;
    • Contamination of food;
    • Spread of disease;
    • Unsightly hordes that can impact on a reputation of a business.

    We usually tolerate these foragers around the exterior of our homes but when they venture indoors into our pantries and food preparation areas their presence is unacceptable. This is particularly so for the commercial food sales industry. Those operating within this industry must maintain a sanitary environment free from contamination. We specialise in ant control and all forms of pest management for cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, education, aged care, and medical facilities. If you need assistance in combating a menace in your home or office you can rest assured that we’ll respond in a fast, methodical and effective manner.

    Ant Control Melbourne

    How to effectively control ants:

    • Correctly identify the ant species;
    • Remove any food and water source;
    • Locate the ant nests if possible;
    • Select the appropriate chemical to eradicate the colony.

    Our pest control abilities are only matched by our customer service standards. We’ll tailor a control solution that best meets your individual circumstances. We’ll also advise on ways to prevent the problem from resurfacing. Our technicians are highly trained and determined to satisfy your needs. Should you require our services simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll call you at our earliest opportunity.