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    Food Industry Pest Control

    We offer effective pest control services to the food sales industry. This includes businesses specialising in the service, manufacture or storage of food. Our comprehensive and proven strategies will reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of pest-related disease being transmitted via food manufactured, stored or sold on your premises. Typical measures include the use of:

    • Insect traps;
    • Residual sprays for crawling insects; &
    • Rodent baits.

    A food business is an enterprise or activity involving the sale of food. There are some 45,000 businesses in Victoria that are classified as a food business. The food industry includes cafes, restaurants, take-away stores, pubs, delicatessens, food manufacturers and even aged-care facilities and hospitals (because they serve food to vulnerable groups).

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    The sale of food in Victoria is governed by the Food Act 1984 (the Act).

    The Act is administered by local councils and the Department of Health and Human Services. The Act outlines that any food sold must be safe and suitable to eat. It also sets out offences for any breaches.

    The reputation of a business and its livelihood depends on food safety. A single case of foodborne illness will threaten the viability of any food business and the financial security of its employees. A prosecution in the courts will attract heavy fines and potential closure. Subsequent reporting in the press and social media will almost certainly mark the death knell of the business.

    Pests, including ants, birds, cockroaches, flies, rats and mice, pose an ever present threat to the health and safety of food business clients and patrons. Every food business is subject to a food safety audit. That’s why it is imperative to have a pest control strategy in place. Reacting after an invasion may be too little too late.

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    We’re a professional, highly trained team of technicians that specialise in the proactive implementation of pest control for the food business sector.

    No matter how stringent you may be in regard to cleaning and food disposal, you cannot be certain that you are free from disease-carrying insects and rodents.

    We adopt industry best practice as documented in
    the Code of Practice for Pest Management in the Food Industry in Australia.

    We will attend your facility, store or establishment and tailor a management plan specific to your needs. We will identity:

    • Whether pests are present or have been in the past;
    • Possible entry points and close them;
    • Any existing pests and eradicate them; &
    • Likely causes of infestation.

    Any program undertaken must ensure that:

    • Any baits, sprays, and traps don’t contaminate food, equipment or packaging;
    • The location of any baits and traps are recorded;
    • Any baits and traps are regularly inspected; &
    • A record of all activity is documented.

    Ongoing management is essential. We will schedule regular return visits where we will report on the current climate and evidence of any new activity. There is considerable sensitivity in the food business industry when it comes to pest control. We understand these sensitivities and as such, we are flexible with our working hours, which are commonly outside of the standard 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. working week.

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