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End Of Lease Pest Control

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End Of Lease Pest Control


    We assist tenants and landlords with end of lease pest control in all Melbourne suburbs.

    As required by law, a landlord must present a home in a clean and safe condition prior to renting it out. A tenant must also leave a home in a clean and safe condition prior to vacating.

    It makes sense that presenting a home free from pests is a part of this legal requirement. If the tenant owns a cat or dog it will be mandatory to have a pest treatment completed in order to have the bond released.

    It’s an all too common occurrence for new tenants to move in to a home only to find that they are sharing it with pests. This can be a cause for dispute and may result in considerable stress to all parties. Disputes have been known to escalate to the point where they must be settled in the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

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    Common household pests include:

    • Rodents & possums;
    • Cockroaches;
    • Fleas;
    • Bed bugs

    We conduct a thorough inspection of a rental property to determine if pests are present. If they are present we then use the appropriate products to bring the infestation under control. If a treatment is required it is best to take place after the furniture is removed and the carpet has been steam cleaned.

    We provide a receipt to confirm our attendance as well as a record of any pesticides used. We use only approved products that are environmentally sound.

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