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    Commercial Pest Control Melbourne

    Pests at Work

    Strict health regulations require regular monitoring and control of pests across the business, pests at work and commercial properties. This is particularly so in the food and hospitality industries. We have a control solution for you no matter what industry you’re in. Nothing impacts your reputation quite like a pest infestation. The protection of customers and staff from unhealthy and unsightly pest exposure is essential to the success of your business – and your bottom line. Don’t let an outbreak destroy what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. We specialise in commercial pest control Melbourne wide so call now on 1300 665 573.

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    Pests cause the following problems for your business:

    • Negative customer experience;
    • Spread of disease;
    • Food poisoning;
    • Breach of health regulations;
    • Destruction of materials and inventory;
    • Structural damage; &
    • Poor employee morale and productivity.

    We have a proven record in commercial control solutions. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that comes with year-round protection and an effective, results oriented process. Whether you’re reacting to a current problem or proactively implementing a strategy to reduce the likelihood of an outbreak, we’re here to assist you.

    Upon our attendance we’ll start with a comprehensive inspection of your property. This will include identification of likely entry points, sanitation issues and structural conditions that could attract any unwanted guests. Your building type, geographic location, climate, soil properties and any other conditions conducive to pest activity are also assessed and evaluated.

    ‘One size fits all’ does not apply in commercial pest control:

    Based on our comprehensive assessment of your property and conditions, we’ll develop a customised protection plan that suits your individual requirements. Prevention before pests become a problem is ideal and achievable. We’ll advise on proactive techniques such as physical exclusion, sanitation and non-chemical treatments such as bait traps to achieve this goal.

    The elimination of ‘hot spots’ through regular cleaning and maintenance efforts is part of our proactive eradication strategy. Should a situation be so dire as to require a chemical pesticide treatment we select the most effective treatment with the lowest impact on health and the environment. This is good news for you but bad news for these unwanted pests.

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    Constant repetition of the correct procedures are crucial to effective commercial pest control:

    We’ll provide regular, ongoing inspections of your property to ensure the effectiveness of your implemented commercial pest control strategy. Signs of recent activity will be checked, as will the identification of any new conditions that can attract undesirable pests that may have surfaced since our last visit. All of our services and recommendations are recorded and provided to you in either soft or hard copy depending on your preferred option.

    We can’t stress enough that a commercial pest problem can threaten the health and safety of your customers and staff, damage property and stock and even destroy your reputation. Contact us to tailor an ongoing pest management plan that best suits your situation. We’re conscious of the sensitivities involved in a commercial environment, particularly in the food and hospitality industries. As a result, our working conditions are highly flexible and it’s common for our services to be provided outside of standard business hours.

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