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Rodent Control

Rodents are considered a major pest in Melbourne and it’s an unfortunate fact that they co-exist with us, often in our homes. The three rodent types you will encounter are:

  • The black rat – also known as the roof, ship or house rat;
  • The brown rat – also known as the street, sewer or Norway rat; &
  • The house mouse.

It’s very common for rodents to live indoors in your walls, roof or subfloor. The first indicator that rats or mice, or even both, are in your home is noise.

As these pests are nocturnal, during the night you will often hear scurrying, scratching and chewing noises coming from behind a wall or in the roof.

Rodent Control Action

A quick inspection of the roof cavity will often reveal rodent droppings, with the size of the droppings alerting you to what particular rodent is actually living with you.

Rats are more likely to be living in the roof space, as they prefer to live in an elevated location where they feel safe from predators such as cats and dogs. They venture outdoors at night in search of food. Rats will rarely enter an occupied home as they are quite timid.

Mice are most likely to be living in and around the kitchen area. Holes in plaster walls where plumbing pipes are located are common harbourage sites. Thus, you will often find mice living under the sink.

Mice also enjoy the warmth of a fridge motor so they also live behind the fridge. Mice only travel a short distance between their living zone and food source, which indicates their preference for the kitchen area.

If mice are present they will leave droppings in the pantry, in cupboards, and behind the fridge. Small drops of urine may also be left on benchtops and floors.

Rodents are objectionable animal and their presence in our homes should not be tolerated.

Rats and mice are dangerous because:

  • They contaminate food;
  • They spread disease; &
  • They damage property.

We are experienced in rodent management and we have hundreds of satisfied residential and commercial clients throughout Melbourne.

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