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Pest Control Melbourne Services

Pest & Insect Control Services

We offer clients the ability to use a single pest control Melbourne service provider for all of their pest control Melbourne needs, from protecting against damaging termite infestations to providing comprehensive rodent control. We place the utmost importance on always going the extra yard to prevent invasions, treating existing problems, and guarding against future infestations. That’s why Pest Control Empire is the best company for pest control Melbourne services and the surrounding area has come to trust.

We serve both residential and commercial clients in the following areas:

Termite services

Nearly all of Victoria is considered highly vulnerable to termites and other timber-loving pests. Hiring a company that is highly qualified in termite control is a must.

Our services include pre-purchase termite inspections as well as full inspections for the property you already own.

We focus on early termite detection/elimination; using approved termiticides to wipe out colonies whenever termites are detected; regular follow-up inspections for added protection and peace of mind, and more.


Residential services

Pests are attracted to homes for the most basic of reasons—they want shelter, food, and water. Their attempts to intrude can be sneaky and relentless.

Our services include a thorough inspection of your property for likely entry points as well as conditions that attract pests, including structures outside of your home such as garden sheds or any standing/stagnant water that may attract mosquitoes. When pests are detected, we employ various effective treatments including safe pesticides or traps.


Ÿ Commercial services

You can’t afford to have pest invasions at work. In some cases, pests can even pose a serious health hazard. But in all cases, pest sightings are disturbing to you, your employees, and your clients, giving the impression that your business is unclean or even unsafe. In the meantime, some pests can do serious physical damage to your structure.

Our commercial services include a thorough inspection to find potential entry points and any particular conditions—such as sanitation or other issues—that are attracting pests, depending on what kind of business you’re in. In fact, we have an entire subspecialty dedicated exclusively to controlling pests in the food industry.

Along with implementing the most effective prevention measures in the industry, we can also treat existing pest outbreaks using safe eradication measures including baits and approved pesticides where necessary, and we’ll implement a follow-up plan to make sure the problem doesn’t return.


Rodent/possum control

Dealing with rodents in the home sometimes requires extraordinary measures. If you hear them (especially in the roof area, which is attractive to rodents, possums and even birds), see signs like animal droppings or gnawed wood, or—sometimes worst of all—detect the smell of death in your home, chances are one or many animal pests are living (or deceased) in your home.

These pests can carry diseases, cause structural damage (including chewing on electrical cords), leave behind smells and messes, and unnerve you to no end.

We’ll identify entry points, figure out what and how many invaders there are, trap them, and take measures to prevent their return. And because it’s not uncommon for animals who enter your home to also die there—often in the attic or inside the walls—we will go to any lengths to locate and remove the dead animal. You might think a dead pest is a harmless one, but the odour can make your house almost unlivable.


Other Pest Control Melbourne services

Please review our site for specific types of pests and pest control Melbourne services. The list is comprehensive, and the bottom line is that if it’s bothering you—at home or at work—then it bothers us. We’re here to provide solutions and return your serenity once and for all.