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Preventing Birds from Living Under Solar Panels

How to Bird Proof Solar Panels

How to bird proof solar panels is an interesting question. For starters, why do birds seem so attracted to them? Well, it’s because solar panels sit in an elevated position, usually at the highest point of the roof of your home. Birds just love to sit in a position that allows them to watch the world go by. Solar panels provide a suitable vantage point to inspect for food while providing a viewing platform for possible predators. Birds will roost on the panels during the day and will likely nest underneath them at night. So how do we prevent this from happening or how can we bird proof them?

Tim from Pest Control Empire is experienced in all forms of bird control and bird proof solar panels. He says, “Solar panels, particularly when positioned on a double-story roof, attract bird activity. They will sit on top during the day and nest underneath in the night. They will breed in the nest and provide ongoing issues for the homeowner. This includes unwanted noise, the mess from nests and worst of all, bird droppings”.

Bird Proof Solar Panels
Solar skirt was only installed on these panels after the problem had begun. You can see the mess caused by bird droppings to the tiles that is difficult to clean.

Tim continues, “I’ve seen homes where the owners have let the problem drag on far too long before taking action. In these instances, the mess, particularly from droppings, has caused all sorts of problems. For starters it is unsightly, the acid in the droppings can discolour the roof surface and gutters and downpipes can become clogged. The worst example was a home I encountered in Melton, a satellite city in Melbourne’s west. The owner had lived with the problem for two years and unfortunately, the gutters and downpipes were so clogged that water could not flow. After a day of heavy rain, the water had nowhere to go so it flowed inside the walls and into the home”.

Bird Proof Actions

It’s best to be proactive and protect the solar panels from birds before it actually becomes an issue. Tim is an advocate for Solar Skirt, a product supplied by G&A Solutions and offered nationally around Australia. The product is made from galvanised and UV PVC coated welded wire mesh and is fastened to the perimeter of the panels by UV stable nylon fasteners. The product is made to last and stops birds, rodents and general debris from getting under solar panels. Airflow is unrestricted and the product will reduce maintenance costs.

Tim concludes, “We offer installation services to the residents and businesses of all Melbourne suburbs. Solar panels are meant to save energy and money so they deserve to be protected from pests such as birds. The main offenders we encounter are pigeons although starlings and minor birds have been known to cause problems. We are happy to supply and install or you can order the product directly and we can install it. Call us for a free quote”.

Birds will always roost close to where they nest so install Solar Skirt to prevent nesting and the pesky birds will most likely roost in another location.

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