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Melbourne Pest Control In Spring

Pest Control Empire has established itself as one of the best pest control providers in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships with our clients. To achieve this we need to achieve exceptional results for pest control Melbourne.

To achieve exceptional pest control results in Melbourne we need to identify the pest that is causing concern. Once the pest is identified we need intimate knowledge of that pest. This allows us to formulate a pest control plan to eliminate that pest. To create a pest control plan takes experience and regular training. Keeping at the forefront of industry practice is a key tenet of our business model. This has allowed us to become a key player in the Melbourne pest control environment.


Melbourne is host to an array of pests. In Spring we see an upsurge in the following pests in Melbourne:

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Bees serve a valua



In the colder months of Autumn and Winter we see an increase in the following pests in Melbourne:

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The reason for the increase in rodent and possum control in Melbourne in the colder months is more due to the fact that these pests need somewhere warm to survive. In warm weather we find that rats, mice and possums are happy to live outdoors in Melbourne.

However, regular rain and the cool temperature levels of Autumn and Winter see these pests move into Melbourne homes in their droves. So rather than an increase in population numbers, the reason more calls are received for Melbourne pest control for these mammals is weather-related.



Melbourne pest control is therefore very seasonal. As stated, bees are very prominent in Melbourne in Spring. You will notice that on the first few warm days bees will swarm. The old queen and up to half of the original colony will vacate and come to rest at a new site. The colony waits at the new site while a scout bee searches for a suitable location to establish a new colony site.

If we receive a call regarding a swarm of bees in Melbourne we will attend as a priority. If disturbed by a child or a pet the bees will defend themselves. We will always capture the swarm and then relocate them to a safe location. Bees are very beneficial to the environment so we will always endeavour to save them wherever possible.

In Melbourne we see many bee colonies establish themselves within a wall cavity of a home. A very common way that bees will enter into a wall cavity is via a weep hole. Once bees have established themselves in a wall cavity the only viable option is to destroy them. This is a last resort and is the least enjoyable part of pest control in Melbourne.



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Termites have been known to destroy a home in only 3 months

Termites are another pest that swarms in Melbourne in Spring. Termites live in a colony and some have wings. These types of termites are known as alates or reproductives. They are the future kings and queens of the termite world.

During Spring in Melbourne, usually after rain, these alates will take flight. They are in search of a new location to establish a colony. A male and female will find a suitable site, shed their wings, and begin the mating process. Within a short time, a new termite colony will be flourishing in Melbourne.

If you see flying termites you can be sure a large colony is close by. Termites are poor flyers and will not usually be able to stray too far from their original home. If you see flying termites then it’s essential you call us to conduct a pest inspection in Melbourne.


It’s the middle of Spring and pests are on the rise in Melbourne. For quality Melbourne pest control you can’t go past Pest Control Empire. We’re highly trained and experienced at pest control for all Melbourne pests. Contact us on 1300 665 573 for your pest control Melbourne needs.







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Are termites in Mentone? They sure are. Recently we received a call from a distressed client who had found termites on his property in Mentone. Termites found anywhere on a property is always a cause for concern so we immediately made our way to Mentone for a visual termite inspection. Haydn, the property owner, found the termites while he was preparing to dig a trench in his backyard. He had lifted some pavers in the spot where the trench was to be dug and to his shock, found termites travelling underneath these pavers. Read More

Termite Infestation | Termite Control Melton | Pest Control Empire


Tim from Pest Control Empire is reporting a surge in termite control Melton and Melton South. He notes, “I’ve been conducting termite inspections regularly in the Melton area and the majority of homes I have inspected have displayed evidence of termite activity. On average, it’s believed that one in every four homes will be impacted by termites in its lifetime. That is a scary statistic considering how much damage these wood-eating creatures can do”. Read More

Termite Infestation | Termite Control Melton | Pest Control Empire


Tim from Pest Control Empire specialises in termite control and is based in the suburb of Keilor. While many people think that termites are not active in Keilor, Tim is here to tell you otherwise. “I’ve conducted many timber pest inspections in the Keilor area. I usually conduct them on behalf of people who are in the market to buy property. In the majority of homes that I’ve inspected, I’ve either found live termites or evidence of termite activity. Without a further invasive inspection, it must be assumed by Australian Standards that live termites are within a home if evidence of activity is found”, says Tim.

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Pest Control Empire recently responded to a call from a concerned homeowner in Melton South who investigated a creaky floor and located an active termite infestation. Unfortunately the homeowner panicked and tipped petrol on the termites that he could see. While the petrol may kill the termites that it directly contacts, it will have no effect on those that it does not. It also has no impact at all on eliminating the termite colony. The homeowner called in the team at Pest Control Empire who subsequently conducted a thorough visual termite inspection according to Australian Standard 3660.2. If you require a termite inspection please see the attached information: Termite Inspections. Read More