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Spring is upon us and temperatures are on the rise. The big question being asked in the pest control industry is whether we will experience another explosion in the wasp population like last year. The recent winter was one of the coldest in a decade and the colder the weather, the more likely wasps are to die. It’s only early days but it seems wasp numbers are still in epic numbers. Tim from Pest Control Empire says that last spring, summer, and even autumn was the busiest it had ever been for wasps. He’s expecting more of the same this winter. Read on to find out why. Read More

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Wasp Eradication Melbourne

Tim Clinnick of Pest Control Empire reports that his company is still receiving consistent calls out for European wasps, despite the onset of winter. Pest Control Empire specialise is wasp eradication in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. As reported in the media, European wasps are in plague proportions. Tim states that the majority of nests he has found are inside wall cavities of homes and are very rarely able to be removed. This however, does not mean that the problem cannot be resolved.  Read More