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Spring is upon us and temperatures are on the rise. The big question being asked in the pest control industry is whether we will experience another explosion in the wasp population like last year. The recent winter was one of the coldest in a decade and the colder the weather, the more likely wasps are to die. It’s only early days but it seems wasp numbers are still in epic numbers. Tim from Pest Control Empire says that last spring, summer, and even autumn was the busiest it had ever been for wasps. He’s expecting more of the same this winter. Read on to find out why.Tim continues, “The wasp that causes most distress to us here in Australia is the European wasp. This wasp has no known predators and our climate has allowed their numbers to flourish. If you haven’t seen a wasp yet then just wait until you fire up the BBQ for the first time. Not long after that first steak or sausage hits the hot plate then I’m almost certain a wasp or wasps will make an appearance”.

Tim says that the past few relatively mild winters have seen the majority of wasp colony occupants to survive. He notes, “Generally a colony will die out in winter with only the queen and a few others surviving. The breeding cycle would commence in spring with population numbers on the increase. However, this has not been the case in the past few winters and as a result, wasp numbers are now at dangerously high levels”.

Wasps have a diverse diet but they crave sugar and meat products. This makes them particularly troublesome when we dine outdoors at cafes or in our own backyards. Open soft drink containers are very attractive to a foraging wasp so it is recommended that a straw be used at all times when drinking from a can.

A wasp can sting repeatedly and allergic reactions have been known to cause death. We are experts in wasp control so do not hesitate to contact us in the event of a wasp presence.

The best way to ensure wasp removal is to identify the location of the nest. However, a wasp will travel quite a distance from its nest show the location may not always become known. A common nesting location is in a wall cavity of a house. The mortar between bricks may crumble and create an opening into the wall cavity or a weep hole may provide easy entry. Wasps will even build a nest in the ground.

Wasp Removal | Pest Control Empire
Wasps will often build a nest in a cavity in the soil. Stings can be fatal so avoid these pests at all costs.

At Pest Control Empire we specialise in the eradication of wasps in a manner that is safe to you, your family and pets. The best method is to inject permethrin dust into the entrance to the nest in a sufficient amount to ensure every colony member comes into contact with it. If possible the nest should also be removed to avoid the potential for a new colony to take residence in the future. However, this is not always possible as the nest is often in a secure location that may require plaster or bricks to be removed to gain access. The costs involved in this type of activity may not always be worth the benefit.

Should you suspect that a nest is on your property be sure not to disturb it. One alarmed wasp will send off a distress pheromone that alerts others that they are under attack. In these instances, it is not uncommon for a swarm to form and strike at any nearby moving object.

To ensure safety contact a professional pest manager to assist with any wasp elimination. We consider wasp removal and wasp control to be a high priority and we ensure attendance at the earliest opportunity. Simply contact us on 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we will call you as soon as possible.