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Narre Warren is a major growth corridor in the southeast of Melbourne. Like all growth suburbs, the pest pressure in the area is high. Our pest control services cover Narre Warren and include rodent control, insect and spider control and termite inspections and treatments, among others.

The predominant pest we control in Narre Warren is mice. Our owner, Tim Clinnick, explains why: “Mice generally live in fields, hence the name field mice. However, urban development has removed many of the open spaces where mice usually live. The development of houses in previous green field areas results in displacement for mice. Where else are they going to go but into our homes!”

Mice require three things to survive: food, water and shelter. Our home tick all these boxes. Mice will find ways into our home and once inside, they’ll nest close to accessible food. This is why you’ll commonly find mice or signs of mice in the kitchen. Access by mice in Narre Warren home is often through weep holes. Weep holes are the gaps left between bricks in external masonry.

Weep holes serve two purposes:

1. Ventilation of the internal wall to prevent mould and decay.
2. Drainage. Any water that enters the wall cavity will flow out of the weep holes.

Once a mouse enters a weep hole it will travel through wall cavities with the purpose of entering your home in search of food and water. A well-constructed Narre Warren home will ensure all avenues into the home are blocked but as we know, this is rarely the case. There will often be gaps in walls where services penetrate, such as plumbing pipes and gas lines. Mice will find these gaps and enter your home. We supply weep hole covers that fit into the gap to prevent mouse entry yet still allow for ventilation and drainage.

Mice will also scale brick walls to find entry points so it’s imperative that any gaps are blocked. Trees that overhang the roof line also provide a ramp for mice to enter the roof cavity. If you hear scratching, scurrying and gnawing at night then you’ve almost certainly have a mouse infestation. If trees overhang the roof line then they should be cut to below the gutter to remove access.

We are the experts in pest removal in Narre Warren and we have extensive experience in the use of child and pet friendly products. Your safety is always our main priority. Mice will try and enter an occupied home as they are very brazen and comfortable in our presence. Rats on the other hand are very wary of human interaction. For some reason they think we’re always trying to kill them! As such they prefer to nest in our walls, subfloors or roof spaces. They’ll come outside at night in search of food and return to their nests during daylight hours.

Spiders and insects such as wasps, cockroaches and ants are also common pests we find in Narre Warren. These pests are most prevalent in Spring and Summer. We also offer pest removal services to the residents and business owners of Dandenong, Berwick, Cranbourne, Clyde and Pakenham. Nobody wants to share their homes with pests so be sure to contact us on 1300 665 573 now for all your pest control needs.