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Rats Melbourne


We’re riding the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne and it seems the local rodent population is riding the wave with us. Tim Clinnick, of the Pest Control Empire , notes a dramatic increase in rodent activity in Melbourne. Tim says, “If the current number of enquiries continue then it’s going to be a bumper season for rats and mice in Melbourne”.

There are many reasons why rodent activity has increased in Melbourne. Social distancing and working from home may be a major factor.
Tim continues: “It may not actually be that rats and mice are in higher numbers this year. I believe the closure of cafes and restaurants, particularly around the Melbourne CBD, may have resulted in a drop in food for rodents. The lack of people in the Melbourne CBD has also likely decreased the amount of litter that the local rodents would normally feed on.”

Rats Melbourne

Tim notes that a scarcity of food may have resulted in rats and mice venturing further in search of a meal. He also notes that rodent sightings during daylight hours have increased.

Tim explains: “Rats and mice are nocturnal so they usually search for food at night. The fact that many people are sighting rodents during the day indicates to me that food is scarce and they’re getting desperate.
However, it could also indicate that the population level of rodents is high at present”.

It’s imperative that the pest control industry operates as normal during COVID-19. Could you imagine a city overrun by rodents? This could be the reality is the pest industry is crippled.

Professional pest companies in Melbourne for the following reasons should control rats and mice:

• Rats & mice spread disease;
• Rats & mice contaminate food;
• Rats & mice damage property.

Tim says: “Rats and mice need to gnaw of solid objects to wear their teeth down. If they didn’t gnaw their teeth would grow so large that they wouldn’t be able to eat. Generally, rats and mice will gnaw on timber to grind down their teeth but it’s also very common for them to gnaw on cables. It could be an electrical wire or your Internet connection that they destroy. Rodents are quite often the cause of an electrical fire!”

Find this clip during this Covid 19 period

Melbourne’s outer suburbs are also experiencing a surge in rodent activity. As the temperature cools in Melbourne it’s common for rats and mice to venture closer to our homes in search of warmth. Common locations for rodents to live include:

• Roof cavities;
• Wall cavities;
• Subfloors; &
• In the case of mice, they will live behind the fridge, dishwasher, or under the kitchen sink.

Tim notes that mice are brazen in nature as opposed to the rat that has more of a shy disposition. “Rats have an established fear of people. For some reason they think we don’t like them and that we’re trying to kill them! Rats have been around for millions of years and will always thrive where people are in close proximity. We’ll never get rid of them totally and generally, we rarely see them so our phobia is less for the rat than the mouse.”

Tim continues, “A mouse sighting is enough to make a grown man shriek in fear! Mice are brazen and inquisitive. They’ll live inside our homes and venture out in search of food within our view. I guess they know they’re quicker than us and able to fit into gaps we can’t access”.

Contact Pest Control Empire on 1300 665 573 to discuss your Melbourne rodent control options. We operate in every Melbourne suburb. If you require rat or mouse elimination in Melbourne then we’re the team for you.

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Melbourne is home to more than 5 million people. That’s a lot of people for a relatively small area. As in most heavily populated parts of the world, where there are people, there are also pests. Rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, and spiders are usually found living side by side with people.

If this is the case for you then you need a professional Melbourne pest control service. We’ve established ourselves as one of Melbourne’s best pest control service providers. Our rating on Google is second to none in Melbourne pest control.

Melbourne is an ever-growing sprawl of new suburbs. New estate areas are particularly prone to pest infestations. Mice are a major issue for newly established Melbourne suburb residents. Tim Clinnick, the owner of Pest Control Empire, explains why:

“Mice are commonly referred to as field mice as they are associated with living in open fields and feeding off the land. However, as our population increases, we’ve had to build more Melbourne suburbs. As such, we’re removing the natural habitat of mice by building houses where open fields previously were”.

Tim continues, “Mice also prefer a warm climate and as any Melbourne resident knows, it can get quite cold in autumn and winter. Now put yourself into the ‘shoes’ of a mouse, would you rather live in a cold and wet field or in a dry Melbourne home with heating and quite possibly a regular source of food?”

If you hear noises in your roof or walls, mainly at night, then the likely culprit is rats or mice. Rats will more than likely avoid human interaction at all costs. For some reason, they think we’ll try and kill them! They’ll use the roof, walls, or subfloor of our Melbourne homes as someone to live and breed. They’ll then come outside at night in search of food.

Mice are more brazen and prefer to find a way into your home. They’ll scavenge through your pantry or fruit bowl and eat anything that isn’t in a sealed container.

Mice are commonly found in Melbourne homes with young children. As a parent we know that kids are messy and keeping on top of the cleaning can be difficult. Mice love to pick off the crumbs our kids drop on the floor. If evidence of mice is found in kids’ bedrooms, it’s likely because the kids have been eating or sneaking food into their rooms.

Common sources of food for rodents in Melbourne include:

• Fruit trees (olives and figs are very popular);
• Veggie gardens;
• Birdseed from aviaries; &
• Pet food left in bowls outside.

A major attractant for rodents is also chickens. As many residents of Melbourne try to be as self-sufficient as possible, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in chicken ownership. Tim continues:

“Most Melbourne chicken owners prefer them to be free-range rather than confined to a locked coup. When owners feed the chooks they don’t stick around to ensure it’s all consumed. Any leftovers become easy pickings for rats and mice. A Melbourne chicken owner will usually be the cause of increased rodent activity in the near vicinity. This doesn’t usually make them popular with the neighbours!”

When the usual sources of food are scarce a rat or mouse will adapt and eat garden pests including slugs and snails.

Rodents are a major disease carrier and contaminate many Melbourne homes and businesses. Melbourne pest control is essential to manage rodents and other pests so contact us now for a quote.

Spiders are also very common in Melbourne homes. Web spinning spiders feed on insects and their webs are usually found near exterior light fittings. Flying insects are attracted to these lights and become tangled in the spider’s web. They then become a tasty meal!

Whilst we are most familiar with web-spinning spiders like the redback and black house spiders, there are also spiders known as ground-dwelling spiders. Many of these live in a burrow in the ground and wait to pounce on any unsuspecting prey. These types of spiders include the funnel-web and trap door.

There are also ground-dwelling spiders that are nomadic and keep on the move in search of prey. These spiders include the much-maligned white tail and the huntsman. Huntsman prey on insects and the whitetail is a cannibal and prefers a diet consisting of black house, redback, and daddy longlegs spiders!

We offer Melbourne’s best pest control that will manage the spider population in and around your home so contact us for a quote.

German cockroaches are another pest that causes havoc in Melbourne homes and in particular, cafes and restaurants. Melbourne’s cafes and restaurants must adhere to legislation that their work-place must be pest-free. Pest control for Melbourne cafes and restaurants is therefore essential.

German cockroaches are considered a hygiene pest. This means that if you keep your home or workplace clean, then an outbreak is highly unlikely. Once they find a food source they breed and their numbers explode. By this stage, you will not be able to resolve the issue without a Melbourne pest control service.

When they are out of control German cockroaches will be found within your home in the following areas:

• In the fridge lining and around the motor (for the warmth);
• In and around a coffee machine;
• In the dishwasher lining and motor (for the warmth and moisture);
• In cupboards around hinges; &
• On cornices.

We find that people with German cockroach issues may be doing the following:

• Dirty dishes left out overnight;
• Internal bins not cleaned and garbage is not put outside often enough;
• Food spills not cleaned; &
• Kitchen splashback not cleaned after cooking.

We also find that German cockroaches may be in a vacated rental property and the new tenant inherits the problem. It is likely that the property has not had a Melbourne end of lease pest control service. We offer this Melbourne Pest Control Service to Melbourne properties. German cockroaches may also spread between units in an apartment complex.

No matter the cause of the problem our Melbourne pest control services will manage the pest problem. For a list of our services please review our website and be sure to call us for your chance to experience Melbourne’s best pest control service.

Pest control Melbourne is what we love. For all your pest management needs be sure to call us on 
1300 665 573 or lodge an enquiring via our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your needs.







Rat Control in Melbourne

Melbourne is home to all kinds of pests, including:

Rodents (rats & mice);
Flying insect pests;
Crawling insect pests; &

Tim Clinnick is the senior pest manager at Pest Control Empire, a major player in the Melbourne based pest management space. Tim says, “Far and away the most common complaint we have involves rodents. Rats and mice are absolutely everywhere and no suburb is immune”.

Rat Control Requirements

The three types of rodents that require pest control in Melbourne are:

1. The common house mouse;
2. The Norway Rat; &
3. The roof rat.

Rat Control | The roof rat
The roof rat is identifiable via its large ears and strikingly long tail

The common house mouse has adapted well to living among humans. Mice are smaller than rats and are far more likely to enter an occupied home than their more cautious rat relatives.

Due to their small stature mice are able to enter tiny gaps to gain entry into a home. Common entry points for mice into Melbourne homes and offices include:

• Weep holes;
• Gaps around pipes;
• Trees that overhang a roofline; &
• Gaps under doors and around windows.

Tim continues, “Our clients are quite often perplexed as to how a mouse or mice have found their way into their homes. I simply explain that if you can fit a pencil into a gap, then that’s more than enough space for a mouse to enter. I also explain that mice can actually scale vertical walls. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it but it’s true!”

Mice are brazen and can often be seen scurrying around a lounge room or kitchen in search of food. Tim adds, “Mice are very confident if not cocky. I’ve had a few elderly clients that like to eat in their rocking chairs. They often relay stories of mice living under the rocking chair and pillaging food direct from the client’s plate!”

Mice are also inquisitive. It’s this trait that pest control managers in Melbourne use to bring about their demise. Tim says, “We try as far as possible to eliminate any possible food source. This includes putting all food packages into sealed Tupperware style containers, sweeping up all spills, keeping fruit in the fridge and other vigilant hygiene practices like taking internal garbage bins outside daily. We then add rodenticide in locked style bait stations and place them in strategic locations. The inquisitive nature of a mouse will lead it to investigate and feed within the bait station. The rodenticide we use is very effective and will soon lead to the death of the mouse and all his rodent friends.”

The Norway rat also is known as the common rat, street rat, sewer rat, Hanover rat, Norwegian rat, Parisian rat, water rat, or wharf rat is a very common pest in Melbourne. In fact, it’s the most successful mammal on the planet, behind humans of course!

The Norway rat lives hand in hand with humans and their preference is to dig long and continuous tunnels to provide harbourage from the weather and predators. Tim adds, “Often we receive a call from a client advising that a rat or rats are seen scurrying under their deck. When Norway rat is startled it will run to its burrow. In instances where clients have a deck, it’s very easy for a rat to create a burrow system underneath. At some very infested homes, I’ve crawled around subfloors and observed hundreds of burrows. It’s quite a sight to behold!”

To control the Norway rat we can add locked bait stations around the area where they are tunneling. We can also add tracking powder into each accessible burrow. The powder attaches to the body of the rat. Rats are social and live in groups. They groom other rats as well as themselves. A rat contaminated with tracking powder that gets groomed or grooms itself can lead to death to the colony.

The roof rat is Melbourne’s biggest pest control issue. As the name suggests, these rats inhabit roof cavities. Tim notes, “Our clients call and say it sounds like there’s a party going on in their roof space! Instantly I think of the roof rat. Due to their nocturnal nature, this rat is particularly annoying as it keeps Melbourne homeowners awake at night”.

Signs that you have a rat issue in your Melbourne roof space include:

• Noises at night;
• Scurrying sounds;
• Chewing or gnawing sounds;
• Fighting or mating sounds; &
• Musky odours.

Tim concludes, “A telltale sign of a rodent infestation is an agitated cat or dog. If there’s a rat or a mouse sleeping in a wall, a cat or dog will sit in front of that wall, often for hours on end. This is a dead give away that your Melbourne house is home to rodents”.

We’re a respected provider of rat control and pest control services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Melbourne is home to many pests and we can help you with them all. Contact us on 1300 665 573 for a quote on your pest control Melbourne needs.

Spiders That Require Pest Control in Melbourne


Melbourne pest control season is in full swing so it’s an ideal time for us to provide you with a guide to the most common spiders you will likely encounter in and around your home. Melbourne is home to all types of spiders: deadly and dangerous, poisonous and painful and those that pose little to no harm to you or your pets. We’re a Melbourne pest control company that specialises in eliminating pests from your home and place of business. Contact us on 1300 665 573 for any pest control Melbourne service.


Deadly & Dangerous Spiders in Melbourne that require Pest Control

Spiders control | Red back spider in web
The red back spider injects venom and commonly live among us.

The red back spider is a highly venomous species that is found throughout Melbourne. The red back spins a messy web and is commonly found around our homes. They live on outdoor furniture, logs and rubbish such as old car and truck tyres.

The adult female is recognisable by the prominent red stripe on the upper side of her abdomen. Females have a body length of approximately 1cm. The male is far smaller and does not have the red stripe. After mating the female often cannibalises the male! The egg sac of the female can obtain around 250 eggs. Now that’s a lot of red back spiders.

The red back can be seriously harmful to humans. The estimate for red back spider bites to humans annually ranges from between 2000 to 10,000. If bitten, you will experience pain around the bite site. It will become more severe and will progress up the bitten limb. You may experience sweating, patchy skin, nausea, vomiting, headache and agitation.

The good news is that anti-venom has been available since 1956. Further good news is that we can treat your home or office for these biting pests in Melbourne. We offer pest control Melbourne spider sprays that will knock down the red back and then deter others from inhabiting your property.


Pest Control Fraser Rise | Plumpton
The female white tail is larger than its male counterpart.

The whitetail spider is so named because of the white tips on their end of their abdomen. They have a slender body about 1.8cm long. The whitetail spider is prominent in Melbourne. It preys on other spiders and is considered a ground dweller. This means that rather than spinning a web, it keeps on the move in search of prey.

These types of spiders are found in your garden, under bark and rocks and will often wander indoors. It’s common for whitetail spiders to be found under bedding, clothes on your floor and in shoes!


Whitetail spiders commonly bite humans and pets and symptoms include localised pain to the bite site and a red mark with swelling and itching. Ulcers and necrosis have been attributed to this spider but evidence by medical researchers tends to disprove this.

Our pest control Melbourne service at your home will target spiders. We spray your home to kill all the spiders living onsite. As spiders prey on other spiders we therefore reduce the likelihood of these pests coming to your home is we remove their food source.

Other spiders that are found around Melbourne homes and require pest control include:

  • Mouse spider;
  • Black house spider;
  • Wolf spider;
  • Trap door spider;
  • Huntsman;
  • Orb-weaving spider; &
  • St Andrews Cross Spider.

We hope we haven’t scared you too much! Thankfully Australia’s deadliest spider, the Sydney funnel web, isn’t established in Melbourne. For Melbourne pest control to the highest standard be sure to call us on 1300 665 573. We’re highly trained and experienced in eliminating pests in Melbourne.



Pest Control | Pest Control Empire Melbourne

Melbourne Pest Control In Spring

Pest Control Empire has established itself as one of the best pest control providers in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships with our clients. To achieve this we need to achieve exceptional results for pest control Melbourne.

To achieve exceptional pest control results in Melbourne we need to identify the pest that is causing concern. Once the pest is identified we need intimate knowledge of that pest. This allows us to formulate a pest control plan to eliminate that pest. To create a pest control plan takes experience and regular training. Keeping at the forefront of industry practice is a key tenet of our business model. This has allowed us to become a key player in the Melbourne pest control environment.


Melbourne is host to an array of pests. In Spring we see an upsurge in the following pests in Melbourne:

Bee Removal Melbourne | Pest Control Empire
Bees serve a valua



In the colder months of Autumn and Winter we see an increase in the following pests in Melbourne:

Possum Control Specialists | Pest Control Empire
Call us to remove possums from your home now.


The reason for the increase in rodent and possum control in Melbourne in the colder months is more due to the fact that these pests need somewhere warm to survive. In warm weather we find that rats, mice and possums are happy to live outdoors in Melbourne.

However, regular rain and the cool temperature levels of Autumn and Winter see these pests move into Melbourne homes in their droves. So rather than an increase in population numbers, the reason more calls are received for Melbourne pest control for these mammals is weather-related.



Melbourne pest control is therefore very seasonal. As stated, bees are very prominent in Melbourne in Spring. You will notice that on the first few warm days bees will swarm. The old queen and up to half of the original colony will vacate and come to rest at a new site. The colony waits at the new site while a scout bee searches for a suitable location to establish a new colony site.

If we receive a call regarding a swarm of bees in Melbourne we will attend as a priority. If disturbed by a child or a pet the bees will defend themselves. We will always capture the swarm and then relocate them to a safe location. Bees are very beneficial to the environment so we will always endeavour to save them wherever possible.

In Melbourne we see many bee colonies establish themselves within a wall cavity of a home. A very common way that bees will enter into a wall cavity is via a weep hole. Once bees have established themselves in a wall cavity the only viable option is to destroy them. This is a last resort and is the least enjoyable part of pest control in Melbourne.



Termite Control Melton | Pest Control Empire
Termites have been known to destroy a home in only 3 months

Termites are another pest that swarms in Melbourne in Spring. Termites live in a colony and some have wings. These types of termites are known as alates or reproductives. They are the future kings and queens of the termite world.

During Spring in Melbourne, usually after rain, these alates will take flight. They are in search of a new location to establish a colony. A male and female will find a suitable site, shed their wings, and begin the mating process. Within a short time, a new termite colony will be flourishing in Melbourne.

If you see flying termites you can be sure a large colony is close by. Termites are poor flyers and will not usually be able to stray too far from their original home. If you see flying termites then it’s essential you call us to conduct a pest inspection in Melbourne.


It’s the middle of Spring and pests are on the rise in Melbourne. For quality Melbourne pest control you can’t go past Pest Control Empire. We’re highly trained and experienced at pest control for all Melbourne pests. Contact us on 1300 665 573 for your pest control Melbourne needs.