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Rodents Invade Melbourne Properties

9 Signs Your Property Might Have Rodents: Don’t Overlook the Red Flags

Rodents, those small but often pesky creatures, can infiltrate our Melbourne homes and commercial properties with remarkable stealth. Their presence can lead to damage, health risks, and overall discomfort. As a responsible property owner, it’s crucial to be vigilant about the signs of rodent infestation. In this article, we’ll discuss nine key indicators that your Melbourne property might be hosting these unwelcome rats and mice.

**1. Unexplained Noises

One of the first signs of a potential rodent problem is unexplained noises, especially during the night. If you hear scratching, scurrying, or even squeaking sounds coming from your walls, ceilings, or attics, there’s a high chance that rodents are present.

**2. Droppings

Rodent droppings are telltale signs of an infestation. These can vary in size and appearance depending on the species, but generally, they resemble small pellets. Finding these droppings in areas like cupboards, along baseboards, or near food sources is a clear sign that rodents are active.

Droppings and carcasses are a sure sign you have a rodent infestation.

**3. Gnaw Marks

Rodents have a strong need to gnaw on objects to keep their constantly growing teeth in check. If you notice chewed-up wires, furniture, or even structural elements, it’s likely that rodents are to blame.

**4. Nests and Nesting Materials

Rodents often create nests in hidden, sheltered areas. These nests can be made from shredded paper, fabric, insulation, and other materials. If you stumble upon a nest or come across piles of shredded materials in unused corners of your property, it’s time to investigate further.

**5. Grease Marks

As rodents move around, their bodies can leave behind greasy marks on walls and surfaces. These marks might not be immediately noticeable, but over time, they can accumulate and become apparent.

**6. Strange Odours

A distinctive, musty odour can sometimes accompany rodent infestations. If you notice an unexplained smell that doesn’t go away with regular cleaning, it could be a sign that rodents are present.

**7. Footprints and Tracks

In dusty or less frequently visited areas, you might be able to spot rodent footprints and tracks. These can provide a clear indication of the type of rodents in your property and their movement patterns.

**8. Chewed Food Packaging

Rodents are notorious for raiding pantries and food storage areas. If you find chewed food packaging or evidence of nibbling on stored food items, it’s a strong indication of a rodent problem.

Chewed Food Packaging by Rodents
Food should be sealed in solid air tight containers that rodents cannot chew through.

**9. Sightings

The most obvious sign of a rodent issue is actually spotting these creatures themselves. If you see a rodent scurrying around, it’s likely that there are more hiding in your property.


Ignoring the 9 Signs Your Property Might Have Rodents can lead to serious consequences for your Melbourne property and even your health. It’s essential to take immediate action upon noticing any of the aforementioned indicators. From unexplained noises to chewed wires and droppings, these signs provide valuable clues that rodents have made themselves at home on your property. If you suspect an infestation, contact our professional pest control service on 1300 665 573 to effectively address the issue and ensure your property remains rodent-free. We’ll tailor a package both of rat control & mouse control for all Melbourne suburbs.