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Tim from Pest Control Empire specialises in termite control and is based in the suburb of Keilor. While many people think that termites are not active in Keilor, Tim is here to tell you otherwise. “I’ve conducted many timber pest inspections in the Keilor area. I usually conduct them on behalf of people who are in the market to buy property. In the majority of homes that I’ve inspected, I’ve either found live termites or evidence of termite activity. Without a further invasive inspection, it must be assumed by Australian Standards that live termites are within a home if evidence of activity is found”, says Tim.

It’s not compulsory in Victoria to have a termite inspection, but Tim is of the belief that it should be. Tim adds, “Buyers fall in love with a home and do not want to imagine that it could be tainted in some way – in this instance by termites. Buyers regularly get caught up in the emotion of buying a home and make an offer to buy while oblivious or negligent to the fact that termites may have infested the home. If a pre-purchase inspection requirement is legislated it would allow buyers to make a more informed decision”.

Tim notes that termite activity is covert and hard to detect to the untrained eye. “Many people have a builder that is a friend and they informally have him inspect the property. This type of inspection is anything but thorough as usually no money or paperwork changes hands. Builders! generally speaking, also have limited knowledge of timber pests, including termites and borers. Should it be found out later that termites are present, I would hate to think of the fall out for the builder who missed it”.

Pre-purchase timber pest inspection
Make an informed decision on your next property purchase

The cost of a pre-purchase timber pest inspection is insignificant when put up against the average cost to repair termite damage.  The CSIRO estimates that the average repair bill is $7,000. The cost to destroy the termites must also be added to this average cost, so the total amount is often greater than $10,000. With one in five homes likely to be attacked in its lifetime, the total cost of termite damage in Australia is in the billions.

If you find evidence of termite activity you should call a pest manager immediately. An inspection should be conducted at the earliest opportunity. If evidence of live termites or termite activity is located, a recommendation should be made on how to treat the problem.

If no evidence is found this does not mean that your home will be immune from attack in the future. There are many preventative measures that you can take to deter termites that include chemical and physical barriers as well as monitoring stations.

However, according to Tim no method is 100% guaranteed to prevent  termite attack. Tim adds, “Many new homes have had a chemical termite treatment that often consists of a termite spray under the slab and around the perimeter.  This is an effective termite barrier.

Nevertheless, many homeowners inadvertently breach the barrier by adding garden beds or concrete paths that are placed over  and above the treated soil. This provides an avenue for termites to breach the barrier and gain entry into the home undetected. Insurance policies will rarely honour a policy where the homeowner has breached the barrier”.

Educating the homeowner on their responsibilities is a high priority for the team at Pest Control Empire. Tim concludes, “There’s no point conducting either a physical or chemical treatment if the homeowner is not aware of their obligations. After every treatment we take the time to educate our clients on what they should and should not do. We have a duty of care to our clients and we do not wish for the work we do to protect their home to be pointless. Our clients value the information we provide and always engage us to conduct the annual inspection”.

If you’re in the market to buy a property or you’re a homeowner and you want to know what’s happening between your four walls, be sure to give the team at Pest Control Empire a call on 1300 665 573. It may just say you money – and stress – in the long run!