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Rat Removal Melbourne


Rat Removal Melbourne
Rat removal in Melbourne is the specialty of the a Pest Control Empire . Rodents are a year-round problem although they are far more noticeable in the colder months. It’s during winter that rats and mice are far more inclined to venture indoors to avoid the rain and chill. Rats love the comfort of a safe and warm roof cavity. They are very cautious and fear humans so rarely if ever will they enter a part of the house occupied by us.

There are two types of rats in Melbourne:

  1. The black rat – also known as the ship or roof rat. They prefer to live at heights where they feel safe from predators. They venture out at night in search of food.
  2. The brown rat – also known as the sewer rat. They prefer to live in tunnels underground.

Both of these species are pests that spread disease and contaminate food. They also make noise during that night which causes us to suffer sleep disruption. Noises include chewing, scurrying, fighting, mating and scratching. An uncontrolled population can soon spiral out of control as their ability to breed is first-rate. At the first sign of their presence, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional pest control company in Melbourne.

Roof Rats Melbourne
Rats invade our homes in the colder months so call us to eliminate them fast.

If we are called to the home or business premises where rats are suspected we do the following:

  • Inspect to identify the pest;
  • Inspect to identify likely entry points; &
  • Inspect to identify likely food sources.

We then set about a strategy to eliminate the problem. This can include:

  • Lockable bait stations around the perimeter of the property;
  • Baiting of the roof cavity and/or subfloor;
  • Snap traps;
  • Glue pads;
  • Tracking powder.

All these methods are effective in removing the existing population. However, new rodents may make their way to the same property should the conditions not be altered. This will usually involve removing the identified entry points and food sources. In regard to likely food sources, the problem may be with a neighboring property. For instance, a neighbour may own chickens. Rats love to eat the food left behind by chickens. The problem may also be a fruit tree or vegetable garden. A compost bin that isn’t securely sealed may also provide a regular food source.

If the neighbours are the source of the problem you will need to delicately discuss the situation with them to try to orchestrate a positive outcome. It may merely mean that a regular pest control service is required to manage the situation for rat removal. This is most common at cafes and restaurants although it is not unusual for us to visit the same residence on a regular basis to assist in population management.

Should you suspect rats on your property be sure to contact us immediately. 1300 665 573 or simply submit your information via the Contact Us page.