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Plumpton Invaded by Mice

Mouse Infestation in Plumpton

Mice Everywhere in Melbourne’s West!

Pest Control Empire specialise in Rodent Control. Tim Clinnick is the owner and he reports a surge in mice infestations throughout Plumpton and other parts of Melbourne’s outer west. He states, “The phone is ringing off the hook from people in Plumpton, Caroline Springs, Taylors Hill and Hillside. All calls sound the same. It starts with the client complaining of noises in the roof space of their home all through the night. Some even report seeing mice brazenly running around their kitchens during daylight hours. Rodents are nocturnal so we always say if you see them during the day then the infestation is quite large”.

Types of Rodents

Tim explains that rats and mice, while both part of the rodent family, act quite differently. Tim says, “There are two types of rats. Brown rats that prefer to live in holes in the ground and black rats who prefer to live at height. Black rats are often referred to as roof rats as they love the relative safety of living in a roof cavity of a home. Rats are shy and avoid human interaction. That’s why you’ll very rarely see a rat enter the interior of an occupied home”.

Tim continues, “Mice on the other hand are more inclined to invade the inside of your home in search of food. It’s quite common for mice to run from one hiding spot to another right in front of your eyes. I don’t know how many times I get told that a mouse has run and hidden behind a fridge or under a dishwasher! Mice will base themselves close to a food source, so that’s why you’ll see evidence of their presence in and around the kitchen”.

Signs that you’ve been invaded by mice include:

  • Droppings (often found in cupboards, behind the fridge and on all levels of your pantry);
  • Chewed food packaging;
  • Noises in your walls and roof cavity;
  • Live mice sightings; &
  • Agitated pets.

    Plumpton Invaded by Mice
    Mice are invading the homes of people in Plumpton, Caroline Springs, Hillside and Taylors Hill.

How to Eradicate Rodents

The process to eradicate rats and mice is virtually the same. Always call a professional to complete this task for you to ensure it’s done properly. We’ll attend and confirm the type of rodent problem you have. If it’s rats we always add bait to the roof cavity and subfloor. For safety reasons we often place bait within the confine of a secure bait station. This will ensure pets and young children cannot access the poison bait. We also add tracking powder to obvious runways and nesting sites. Rats almost always follow the same route in and out of a home and this is known as a runway. A rat will walk over the tracking powder and the powder will then attach itself to the rodent. Similar to a cat, rodents will groom themselves. When grooming they will ingest the powder it will then begin to take effect. As stated earlier, rats will rarely enter the inside of a home. Therefore we rarely need to add bait stations within a home.

The process to eliminate mice is virtually the same. However, mice love to enter within the inside of your home. As a result we add mouse size bait stations to areas frequented by mice. This includes the kitchen, pantry and behind the fridge. We also look for any cracks, crevices and holes that mice may enter through. We add the tracking powder described earlier to these areas.

How Long Does it Take for Rodents to Die?

This depends on the size of the infestation and how many other competing food sources are in close proximity. This is where we need your help. You must ensure all food is secured in containers, fruit is stored in the fridge, dirty dishes are washed and indoor bins are emptied daily. It is also vital that any food spills are cleaned immediately. In outdoor areas you must ensure pet food is removed if not consumed. Fruit trees are also another favourite for rodents. Ensure fallen fruit is collected and discarded from the ground. However, this won’t stop rodents climbing the tree to access the fruit. If other food sources are removed as best as possible then they are more likely to consume the bait. Once they commence feeding on the bait you can expect results within 3 to 4 days.

Can I Rodent Proof my Home?

It can be very difficult to rodent proof your home. Often even the most experienced pest manager can be confused about entry points. The best things to do include:

  • Pruning surrounding trees to below roof height;
  • Keeping gardens manicured and grass mowed;
  • Reducing the amount of stored products kept around the home;
  • Blocking openings around exterior penetrations;
  • Capping weep holes with specifically designed covers;
  • fitting rodent proof weather strips to the bottom of doors; &
  • Removing obvious sources of food such as fruit trees, vegetable patches and compost heaps.

Tim concludes, “There’s no guarantee that anyone can rodent proof your home with 100 percent effectiveness. We can however ensure that you give yourself the best opportunity to be rodent free. Often your neighbours will either cause or contribute to the problem. The most common areas for mice invasions are new estates so be ready to share your new home with rodents, until you call us”.

If you’re experienced a mouse infestation in Melbourne’s western suburbs then give us a call. We’re local, experienced and fully insured. Call 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form for a call back.