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Rat Elimination Melbourne

Rodent Extermination Melbourne

Rodents, including rats and mice, are a threat to Melbourne’s homes and businesses all year round. However, they tend to come to notice more so in the colder months of autumn and winter. That’s because like us, they feel the cold. We prefer sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold night and rats prefer sitting in the roof directly above the fireplace at the same time! Therefore, as the weather temperatures decrease rats and mice move indoors for warmth. We specialise in <https://pestcontrolempire.com.au/pests/rodent-control-melbourne/”>rodent extermination in all Melbourne suburbs.

Usually, the first signs of their presence will be scratching, gnawing, and scurrying noises during the night. Rodents are nocturnal so they are most active at night. Rats will rarely if ever enter a home as they fear humans. Mice on the other hand are far more inclined to venture into the home in search of food.


  • Live sightings;
  • Droppings (usually in the roof cavity of a subfloor for rats and behind the fridge and in the pantry for mice);
  • Scratching, gnawing and running sounds;
  • Odours;
  • Excited pets including cats and dogs who become alert to their presence.

Rats will likely live in the roof and roam outside at night in search of food. Mice will live in walls and cavities in and around kitchens and laundries within close proximity to food. Rats will dine outdoors on leftover pet food scraps and fruit that may have fallen from trees. A nearby chicken coup or bird aviary will also attract rodents as they will consume the food supplied to the intended recipients without competition.


  • Easy food sources such as fruit trees, dog food bowls with leftovers, chicken coups and bird aviaries (rodents steal their food);
  • Constant sources of water such as leaking taps or pipes (mice do not require water as they obtain moisture through food);
  • A place to sleep (rats prefer the roof space while mice prefer walls, behind fridges, under sinks and pantries).

These mammals spread disease and their nocturnal activities can disrupt the sleeping patterns of the families whose homes they’ve invaded. Rodent families play fight with each other and they will also fight over territory with rival families. Mating noises can also be quite disturbing! This can equate to hours of sleep deprivation.

The front teeth of rodents continue to grow throughout their lifespan. Therefore, they must gnaw of solid objects to keep overgrowth at bay. Common objects that can be chewed on to prevent overgrowth include ducting, timber framework, electrical, and communications cords. This can be costly if repairs are required. In the worst cases, fires have also been attributed to rodents chewing through electrical cabling.

Rodent Damage to Duct
Rats have chewed through the heating ducts meaning they no longer work effectively. This can be very costly to repair or replace.
Sarking Damaged by Rats
Rats and mice can chew through sarking to gain entry into a roof cavity. Sarking prevents water entering the roof so damage can be destructive.

We offer fast and effective rodent control in all Melbourne suburbs. From cafes and restaurants to residential homes we do it all. We will identify the reason for their presence, likely food sources, and entry points, and how to conduct effective rodent extermination.

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