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Rodent Control Melbourne


For all your residential pest control issues in Sunbury you can rely on Pest Control Empire. This family owned and operated business is based in the City of Hume and specialises in all forms of pest management, including:

  • Crawling insects;
  • Flying insects;
  • Biting insects;
  • Rodents (rats & mice);
  • Possums; &
  • Destructive pests including termites, wood borers & timber decay.

Sunbury is a suburb that has its fair share of residential pest control issues. Situated 40 kilometres north-west of Melbourne’s CBD, this township has one of the highest rates of pest call outs in Greater Melbourne (along with Dandenong & Melton). Tim Clinnick, the owner of Pest Control Empire, has extensive industry experience. He says:

“I enjoy this industry as creepy crawlies, like spiders and rats, can have a major psychological effect on people. The certain phobias of these types of critters can really impact on the state of mind of these people. After I’ve attended to treat an existing issue or just to prevent any future issue, it’s amazing how grateful my new clients are. I guess after you’ve worked in the industry for quite some time you can become immune to how unpleasant any type of infestation can be”.

Rodents have been in large numbers in Sunbury this winter and has kept the team busy during the colder months. Tim continues:

“This winter has been the busiest I’ve known for rats. They’ve come into peoples homes in droves and set up camp in their roof spaces. It’s been particularly cold recently and rats are no different to us. They need to keep warm to survive and continue the breeding cycle. A nice warm roof space is far more appealing than a cold and miserable shed”.

Rats in Sunbury | Pest Control Empire
Rats commonly huddle together for warmth and the roof space in our homes is their preferred living quarters.

The species most likely to be encountered is the roof rat, also commonly known as the ship, house or black rat. They prefer to live in an elevated location so that is why they have a preference for a residential roof. This animal is destructive and very unhygienic. Common indicators that they are present in your home include:

  • Scurrying;
  • Gnawing;
  • Scratching;
  • Squeaking;
  • Fighting;
  • Foul odours;
  • Live sightings;
  • Carcasses;
  • Droppings;
  • Nests; &
  • Excited pets.

Tim says:

“Once notified that a customer suspects a rat infestation I attend as soon as possible. These animals are filthy, they spread disease and contaminate food. They can disrupt your sleep as they are most active at night. They have even been known to start fires as they chew through electrical wiring. When onsite I inspect any subfloor area (if there is one) and the roof space. The presence of droppings is the easiest way to confirm their presence. It is then ideal to locate the nesting areas. If the infestation is large there may be several nesting areas”.

The process of elimination then begins. Baiting is the most effective method and has a long lasting impact. Knowing how much bait and what types to use is a skill best left to a professional pest manager. Knowing where to position the bait is also a skill. Rats will follow a common path from their home base to a known food source. Rarely will they stray from this path. Positioning baits on this path will have a much faster and more effective impact than simply throwing them around in a scatter gun approach.

The property should also be inspected for entry points and these should be closed off wherever possible. In some older homes there may be too many entry points to allow this to happen. In these instances, a regimented baiting program should be initiated so that any current infestation is managed as well as any future infestations. As Tim says, “It’s better to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place than it is to deal with the issue afterwards”.

For all your pest management issues in Sunbury and the City of Hume be sure to complete our Contact Us form or simply call 1300 665 573 to speak with one of our fully qualified technicians.