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Rodent Control Melbourne

Rodent Removal Melbourne

Rats and mice have been around for centuries and guess what? They’ll be around for centuries more. In fact, they are found the world over, except of course in Antarctica! Not even rodents want to live in freezing conditions. For some reason our local conditions are conducive to rodent activity. That’s why we specialise in rodent removal throughout Melbourne. These fury critters literally freak people out. We’ve seen grown men shriek with terror and leap onto the nearest chair to get away from a tiny mouse.

There are 3 types of rodents in Melbourne:

  1. House Mouse;
  2. Rattus Rattus, also known as the black or roof rat; &
  3. Rattus Norvegicus, also known as the Norway, sewer or brown rat.

    Rats in Melbourne
    Make sure bins are tightly sealed otherwise rats and mice will find an opening inside to obtain food.

The black variety prefer to live at height and can often be found nesting in roof cavities. The brown type prefer to live in the ground in burrows. Mice prefer to live indoors and can usually be found close to a found source. For this reason they are often seen in kitchen and pantry areas. Rats only occasionally will venture into an occupied home or office.

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness is the best method of rodent control. Basically, if you offer a constant source of food, you’ll attract these unwanted guests. As long as the food source remains, so will the problem.

Common food sources include:

  • Food scraps found in compost bins;
  • Dog and cat food; &
  • Fruit & nut trees.

If these sources of food diminish it’s not unusual for these feral creatures to feast on snails, slugs and even dog excrement. They will basically eat anything to survive!

A common attractant can be a bird aviary or chicken coup. The smallest gap around the cage will provide access for these scavengers to enter and steal the food intended for the rightful occupants. These accomplished diggers may also tunnel underneath and into the caged area so the floor should be secured with chicken wire to prevent access.

There are many methods available to remove rodents including:

  • Baiting;
  • Trapping;
  • Glue boards;
  • Snap traps; &
  • Tracking powder.

A combination of these methods will greatly reduce the population if not totally eliminate them. However should a food source present itself, these pests will invariably return.

For quality rodent removal in Melbourne for homes and businesses be sure to call us on 1300 665 573 or lodge your details via our Contact Us page.

We’ll have you on your way to being rodent free in no time.