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Rat Removal Williamstown


Why are there so many rats and mice in Williamstown? If you’re a local resident of this coastal suburb in Melbourne’s west there’s no need to fear – there’s just as many rodents in every other suburb! In fact, these disease spreading vermin are located everywhere the world over – except in Antarctica. Where there’s people, there’s food. Where there’s food, there’s rats and mice. It really is that simple.

Tim from Pest Control Empire has extensive pest experience so he always laughs at how scared people are of rodents. He says, “I’ve had so many late night call outs lately that I’m not getting any sleep myself! Upon the first mouse sighting the phone starts ringing. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight. I’ve seen grown men scream and jump onto the nearest chair to avoid a ravenous mouse!”

Tim says that he often receives calls from clients that are concerned about noises in the walls and roof. He continues, “They almost always believe that a possum has moved into their home. They can’t comprehend that it actually might be rodents! For some people, the thought of sharing a home with a possum is far more bearable than sharing it with a rat or mouse. Most people think they only invade unhygienic homes. While this is often the case with mice, rats rarely if ever enter the inside of a home. They prefer to live in the roof or subfloor and venture outdoors at night to feed”.

Mouse Plague in Melbourne
The old saying ‘breeds like a rabbit’ also applies to mice.

How to Avoid Rodents Moving In:

  • Keep clean;
  • Empty bins;
  • Seal off entry points;
  • Don’t leave out food;
  • Clean the dog / cat food bowl;
  • Pick up fallen fruit;
  • Keep gutters free from debris;
  • Keep lawns trim;
  • Don’t stack objects such as wood against the house; &
  • Fix water leaks and remove any pooling water.

Tim continues, “These mammals are similar to us in that they need a place to sleep, food to eat and water to drink (mice don’t require water). They will always live close to food. For example, a mouse is likely to live in and around the kitchen as this close to food. Check under the sink, the pantry and behind the fridge for droppings that are the size of a grain of rice. These are all tell tale signs of their presence. To check for rats, inspect the subfloor or roof cavity. Nests are often made in the roof corners and they can look similar to a bird nest. They also may be underneath insulation. Rat droppings are larger than that of a mouse and will be scattered everywhere and anywhere”.

If you’re hearing noises in your walls or roof it is likely to be either:

  • Birds;
  • Possums;
  • Rats;
  • Mice; or
  • A combination of the above.

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