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Rodent Control Melbourne

Rat & Mouse Control Melbourne

Rat control and mouse control in Melbourne is a year-round problem for commercial and residential properties alike. Foodservice businesses such as cafes and restaurants must be particularly vigilant due to health and safety standards. Residential homes may experience greater problems with rodents during the colder months as these disease-spreading creatures move indoors to avoid the wet and cold conditions. If you are in the middle of a rodent infestation then call us ASAP for quality pest control anywhere in Melbourne. 

There are three common rodents and they all have unique characteristics. We properly identify the rodent species so that we can then select the appropriate rodent control products and strategies to ensure elimination.

The three types and there features are:

  • House Mouse:-

    Mouse Control Melbourne
    The mouse can be found both indoors and outdoors. Tell tale signs of their presence are droppings the size of a grain of rice and agitated pets.

Colour: black or dusty grey

Weight: 20g

Body: Small head & body

Sexual Maturity: 1 month

Gestation Period: 19 days

No. of Litters: Average of 8 per year

No. of Young: 5-6 per litter

Diet: Grains, cereals, meats, fish

Lifespan: 15-18 months

  • Brown Rat (also called the Norway or sewer rat):- 

    Rat Control Melbourne
    The Norway rat is the larger of the species in Melbourne and prefer to live in burrows close to a food source.

Colour: brownish red

Weight: 280-480g

Body: thick body with a blunt nose

Sexual Maturity: 2-3 months

Gestation Period: 23 days

No. of Litters: Average of 4-7 per year

No. of Young: 6-12 per litter

Diet: Almost anything but they prefer meats, fish & grains

Lifespan: 18 months

  • Black Rat (also called the roof or ship rat):-

    Rats in Melbourne
    The roof rat prefers to live at elevation and comes out at night to feed when most of its predators are asleep.

Colour: dark grey

Weight: 225g

Body: thin body with a pointed nose

Sexual Maturity: 2-3 months

Gestation Period: 22 days

No. of Litters: Average of 4-6 per year

No. of Young: 6-8 per litter

Diet: Fruits, vegetables, seeds & grains

Lifespan: 18 months

If you’ve located droppings in your kitchen or pantry, or you’re hearing movement in your walls or roof space, you are most likely being invaded by rats, mice, or both. As you can see, these filthy animals breed quickly, and often so before you know it you can be experiencing a plague.

We’re always available to lend our expertise in the area of rodent control in Melbourne. Simply call us on 1300 665 573 or lodge an enquiry via our Contact Us page.