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If Mitcham isn’t the possum capital of Melbourne then we’re not sure where is! The natural environment of a possum is a tree. However, as we knock down more and more trees this limits the areas for possums to live. It’s inevitable that they’ll make a cosy home for themselves in our roof. A roof space is warm and keeps the possum dry and safe from predators. We specialise in possum removal Mitcham and all other possum removal Melbourne suburbs.

You may think possums are cute but when they’re partying at night while you’re trying to sleep you attitude with change quickly. So how does a possum find it’s way into your roof? Possums are trapeze artists. They can climb downpipes, walk across power lines or jump from close by fences or trees. Possums are well established in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and will continue to do so. That’s because the legislation governing the control of possums is quite stringent. Did you know that it’s illegal to trap and relocate a possum? Well it is an for good reason.

That’s because a possum is territorial and will fight other possums that encroach into their areas. If you were to catch and release a possum into a new area it’s likely that the possum will be moved into an already occupied possum zone. The end result will usually be a fight to the death.

Tim from Pest Control Empire is experienced in possum removal in Mitcham and virtually any other suburb where possums frequent. Tim says:

“We’re finding that new homes with flat roofs, box gutters, rain head style gutters and shared walls are easily breached by possums. The builder is supposed to construct a property that keeps out water and vermin. While we can say they do a good job at keeping out water, the same can’t be said for vermin. A possum needs an opening about the size of a clenched fist to push it’s body into a roof cavity or wall space.”

Tim continues:

“Once on the roof the possum will investigate for any breach or weakness that will allow entry into the roof space. If there’s a gap they’ll find it. If there isn’t an opening then a possum will often create one. It’s not uncommon for a possum to chew through timber to create a gap large enough to squeeze into.”

Noises in a roof space, particularly at night is a sign that a possum may be living inside. They’re a nocturnal animal and venture out at night in search of food, exercise and play mates. They will return in the morning before light.

If you hear noises in your roof space be sure to call us to investigate. The possum will relieve its bowels in your roof space and you may have urine stains dripping down your walls or staining your ceiling. If a possum dies in your roof the smell is unbearable. We’ve had several clients that have had to rent a hotel room until we were able attend and retrieve the carcass.

When we attend we confirm that the unwanted occupant is in fact a possum. Often we attend and the culprit is rats or mice. We offer a rodent control so if we find these pests we can assist with that.

If it’s a possum we identify the entry points and block them. We then install a one-way door over the active entry point. The possum will exit through the one-way door and will then be blocked out. We return a few days later to remove the door and close off this entry.

We’re the specialists in possum removal from Mitcham homes and businesses and we offer a 12-month warranty for possum removal Mitcham clients. Call us now on 1300 665 573 for all your possum control needs.

Possum Removal Mitcham
We’re the specialists in possum removal from Mitcham homes and businesses. Call us now on 1300 665 573.