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We specialise in the removal of possums from homes in Montrose in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Where would you rather live – in a nook in a tree or in a nice, cosy roof space? If you’re a possum this decision is easy, it’s the roof space. For starters wind, rain or the scorching hot sun won’t impact you. You’re also safe from predators such as dogs, cats, large owls and foxes. Snakes have also been known to feed on possums!

You may think having a possum in your roof isn’t such a bad thing. If you ask certain Montrose homeowners who have possums in their roof they’ll tell you the truth. They’re bloody noisy, smelly, unhygienic and destructive. If you grow ornamental plants or have fruit trees or vegetable gardens you can be sure a possum will find them, feed on them and make you very, very mad!

Possums are nocturnal so while you’re sleeping they’re partying! If you own or a neighbour owns a dog they’ll incessantly bark at possums as they scale electricity wires or boundary fences. Possums have even been known to sit directly above a dog to taunt him or her!

So now you’re probably starting to understand that a possum in your Montrose roof space isn’t such a good thing. Now then is the time to call us. We specialise in the removal of possums from your roof. We use lawful and ethical methods to remove possums.

Did you know that it’s illegal to trap a possum in a cage and then relocate it? That’s because possums are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. The reasoning behind not relocating possums is due to the likelihood that you will release the possum into the territory of another possum. This can lead to a fight and even death.

Let’s avoid trapping altogether as it is also quite stressful on the captured possum. So what is it we do to remove the possum from your Montrose roof cavity? Firstly we audit the entire structure to identify where the possum is gaining entry. We also identify other vulnerable areas that may also provide entry.

We then block the entry points and install a one-way door. The one-way door allows the possum to exit through it but not re-enter. Pretty clever! Once the possum is out and you’re satisfied it hasn’t got back in we’ll return to remove the one-way door.

Now we can’t control where the possum might go. They might even move next door into your neighbour’s roof. But at least we’ve complied with the law and made the eviction as least stressful as possible for our native possum.

So if you’re hearing noises in your roof be sure to call us on 1300 665 573 before whatever it is causes you untold grief.