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Pest Control For St Albans is Our Speciality

Do you require pest control in St Albans or surrounding suburbs? If so then be sure to contact us on 1300 665 573. We’re a pest control company based in the western suburbs of Melbourne. There’s nothing better than going with a local! We have intimate knowledge of the pest pressure in St Albans so you can be sure we’ll control your pest before it becomes a major problem. Our technicians are highly trained and fully qualified to treat rats, mice, cockroaches and much more. 

What are the major pest issues in St Albans?

Tim is the owner of Pest Control Empire. He says, “I’m born and bred in St Albans. I grew up in Kings Road and went to the local primary school. I now live around the corner in Keilor so I love to get back out to my old stomping ground. The biggest issues I find in St Albans is rats and mice. Alfrieda Street, with all the cafes and restaurants, has a particular issue with rodent control. German cockroaches are also a major issue we confront on a daily basis”.

We service many of the businesses in St Albans including restaurants and cafes. We encourage high hygiene standards to keep the pests away. If pests still find a way in we look to make structural modifications in order to block them out.

What are the most common ways for pests to enter a premises?

  • Vents;
  • Gaps around utilities and plumbing pipes;
  • Missing bricks;
  • Gaps around windows;
  • Gaps under doors;
  • Open doors; &
  • Subfloors.

    Pest Blocking St Albans
    Pests can enter a St Albans home or business through many ways – here we see a missing brick that provided easy access for rodents to enter a restaurant.

Rodents and cockroaches may also be delivered onsite by transport companies. Tim continues; “It’s very common for pests to be introduced onsite by a third party. For example, a fruit and vegetable supplier may supply contaminated stock to a restaurant or cafe. This could include rats in a box of bananas or cockroaches in a supply of coffee. To avoid this happening I always recommend that stock be delivered to a designated area. It should then be thoroughly inspected prior to its introduction into the kitchen and service area”.

We offer all forms of pest control to the residents and business owners of St Albans so call now on 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form. To read more about the services we offer to residents and business owners of the west please click this link.