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Tim from Pest Control Empire says that the western suburbs of Melbourne is a hot spot for pest control. He notes, “I live in Melbourne’s western suburbs so I always prefer to work close to home. Lucky for me there’s plenty of pests in the west! Some of the common pests all year round include rats, mice and possums. In the warmer months insects like spiders, ants and cockroaches can invade our homes. Spring is always a time when birds can establish a nest in your roof cavity. Now that can get really annoying with the early morning chirping waking up my clients!”

Tim recommends contacting a professional pest control company for any pest issue. He adds, “DIY pest control has disaster written all over it. Quite often you will need to get  in a roof. This requires knowledge of what is in the roof. This can include electrical cables. We recall how several contractors electrocuted themselves during the Federal Government insulation scheme. You may also need to climb onto the roof to inspect for potential possum or rodent entry points. This requires skill at climbing a ladder and working at heights. Falls are common and cause multiple deaths each year. We’re trained to work at height and have all the required equipment to complete the task safely”.

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Tim continues, “Spraying chemicals is also more complex than the hardware stores who sell these types of products would make you think. Personal protective equipment should always be worn when spraying or injecting chemicals. Knowledge of the way a chemical works to control a particular pest is also crucial. For example, a repellent works well to control spiders. However, ants and cockroaches are far easier to control with a non-repellent chemical. Knowing what objects can and can’t be sprayed is important. There should also be a period of time that needs to pass before re-entering a treated premises. All in all, it’s the best option to call in a professional. They know what they’re doing as they do it all day everyday. They’re insured and should always work in the safest way possible”.

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