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Possum Removal Warrandyte

Possum Removal Warrandyte | Pest Control Possums

We ‘re the leaders in possum removal Warrandyte. We possum proof homes in Warrandyte and surrounding eastern suburbs. There’s such high demand for possum control in the Warrandyte area so we’ve now got staff solely dedicated to blocking out these invasive animals. If there’s a weak point in your property then you can be sure a possum will exploit it. You may have a gap underneath a gable or rotting timber that they can easily chew through to gain access into your roof. 

People think that if they don’t have trees close to their home then possums can’t access their roof. This is far from fact. Possums are exceptional climbers. They’ll scale downpipes to reach the roof. They can even climb power poles and tight rope across the electrical wire to your roofline. If you have an insecure subfloor then a possum can enter from ground level, find a way up a wall and settle into your cosy roof space. These large animals make a lot of noise as they thump around. They’re nocturnal so they’re active while you try to sleep! Even animal lovers beg us to kick the freeloaders out of their home!

If you’re hearing noises in a wall or the roof space then contact us immediately. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection to confirm the identity of the culprit. If a possum has found a way in then you can be sure that the neighbourhood rats and mice won’t be too far behind.

Once we confirm the identity of the pest we then decide a course of action to remove it. If it’s a possum we need to identify and close off all possible entry points. We then need to provide a way to let the furry critter out. The last thing you want to do is trap a possum in the roof! They can die and stink out the place. They’ve even been known to crash through bathroom ceiling exhaust fans and run wild throughout the house.

Possum Removal Warrandyte
Here’s a possum and it’s baby that crashed through a light fitting and fell inside the house!

The last thing you should do is throw rodent bait into the roof. A possum will eat the poison and die. The possum is a native Australian animal so they’re a protected species.

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