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Possum Removal Mooroolbark

Possum Removal Mooroolbark | Possum Proofing

Possum Removal Mooroolbark

There are so many trees in the area so why do possums still decide to live in our roof spaces? This is what so many Mooroolbark residents say when we give them the news that a possum is an invader making so much noise in their roof! We specialise in possum removal Mooroolbark and surrounding suburbs. Call us on 1300 665 573 to possum proof your home now. 

When it comes down to it, a nice warm roof space seems far more preferable than an exposed tree. This is why possums are entering our homes in droves! They feel safe and secure in a roof as opposed to a tree where they are more likely to be attacked by predators. The trick to keeping possums out is to ensure there are no gaps around your roofline that will allow them to enter the roof cavity. This is a job for experienced possum proofing expert. We have several Pest Control Melbourne specialists on hand to identify active and potential possum entry points.

Possum Control Mooroolbark
Possums will find any weakness around the exterior of your home and exploit it. Here a possum has moved some lead flashing to gain entry into the wall cavity.

We close off all avenues into the roof to ensure you’re possum free. If you suspect that an animal is living in your roof we first need to attend and conduct an inspection. The droppings in the roof cavity will confirm what the culprit is. If it’s a possum we will identify block all entries. We then need to provide an avenue for the occupant/s to exit. As a result, we install a one-way door.

The one-way door will be placed as close to the usual entry/exit point as possible. We’ll then lure the possum toward the door with food. The possum should use the door on the first evening that it’s in place. Before sunrise, the possum will return and find that it’s been evicted. It will try in vain to re-enter but provided we’ve done our job your home will be sufficiently possum proof.

A brushtail possum often lives a solitary lifestyle so removal is often straightforward. However, the ringtail possum will more likely live in pairs or as a family so a complete eviction may take several days. It’s for this reason that we leave the temporary door in place for a week. Once you’re satisfied that your uninvited guest/s are gone then we attend to remove the door and ensure the home is secure.

For quality and humane possum removal Mooroolbark and pest control in general in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs be sure to call us on 1300 665 573.